Editorial Policy


At Ibinex News Media (news.ibinex.com) our reader’s trust is something which we value the most, so we observe the highest ethical standards in bringing them engaging, objective, and straightforward content. We give our commitment that the benefit of our readers and the crypto community, in general, is paramount in our delivery of cryptocurrency news. Every news update that we publish passes through a strict editorial review in accordance with our predefined guidelines.

Our company maintains a neutral stance on every issue that we report. We neither give financial advice to any of our readers nor do we endorse any company or product.

Editorial Principles

In bringing crypto news to our readers, Ibinex News Media subscribes to the tenets of responsible journalism. For us, this is the only way we can manifest our fairness in reporting, and become a credible source of the information we believe has such a great impact on a lot of people’s lives at this particular point in man’s history.

  • Our duty is to report the truth with Original Content
    Our job is to bring our readers late-breaking news about crypto and the technology on which it runs — blockchain. We deal only in facts and always aim for accuracy. We only report news we can verify.
  • We are independent
    Our independence defines our integrity. We report without prejudice. Ibinex News is not dictated by a parent organization and is completely free from any external influence.
  • We keep our objectivity
    This is an easy thing to do for Ibinex News Media. While there are a number of ways to tell a story, we do not take sides because we have nothing to gain from doing so. Our only concern is to deliver crypto news as it is, for the benefit our readers.
  • We take responsibility for what we say
    We stand by what we report. Everything our readers get from our crypto news website is backed by diligent research and verification. Our authors can be easily reached in a number of ways on our website where we provide a forum for our readers who want to react to what we publish.

If you have any query related to our editorial policy please reach us at [email protected] or visit our Contact Us page.