About Us

Ibinex News Media (news.ibinex.com) is a Google News-approved website and the FIRST-EVER fully independent crypto media agency in the Philippines.

Its main office, located at the heart of the country’s premier business hub — BGC (Bonifacio Global City), is run by editorial and creative teams based in BGC and NYC.

Born in March 2018, right after Bitcoin hit its phenomenal peak, the startup crypto media firm is in the business of delivering the timely late-breaking crypto news. Its mandate is to bring awareness about cryptocurrency and the underlying blockchain technology to a broad range of readers across Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, Telegram, Reddit, Instagram, and Facebook.

Ibinex News Media strongly espouses the idea that the emerging digital era is starting to change our lives, and that a new kind of money has come into existence — cryptocurrency — which will forever alter the way people do business with each other. It stands firm in its belief that crypto will change the way people earn, spend, and manage finances.

Ibinex News Media is a purely independent media firm which guarantees delivery of unbiased, untainted cryptocurrency news. This startup neither makes money thru advertising nor does it receive financial support from an external source.

Mission Statement

Ibinex News Media’s mission is to report cryptocurrency news objectively and accurately to make its global readers easily understand this game-changing financial concept powered by a revolutionary technology — the blockchain. With crypto continuously growing in importance, Ibinex News Media takes responsibility for providing the latest information about important things and developments happening in the crypto space as it is.

Vision Statement

Ibinex News Media sees itself at the forefront of crypto news gathering and delivery. We believe that crypto is one of the most innovative concepts ever crafted by man and we strive hard to become the prime source of credible crypto-related information on the internet.

If you have any query related to news.ibinex.com (Ibinex News Media) please reach us at [email protected] or visit our Contact Us page. Also you can checkout our complete Team here.