Cobo Wallet Now Supports Binance Coin (BNB)


A popular digital currency wallet, Cobo Wallet revealed on August 9, that it had integrated Binance coin. Due to this expansion, the Binance holders can now store their cryptocurrency in the Cobo wallet.

Cobo Wallet is the latest crypto wallet firm that is backing Binance Coin. The company is based in Beijing, China and currently offers services across more than 80 nations. It is considering growing its network in new countries, specifically focusing on the US, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Cobo Wallet is continuing its efforts to include more cryptos into its ecosystem. Recently, the company had expressed its support for two cryptos– DRC (Digital Currency Decred), and USDT (Tether).

Moreover, in order to establish its presence in the new market, the crypto wallet company raised around $13 million in Series A funding round. The fund raised has eventually, strengthened the company financially; with this, it is aiming at building an excellent network.

The development news was posted on Cobo wallet’s official Twitter account that reads as follows,

Cobo has integrated with Binance Chain now! Cobo Wallet and Custody is supporting BNB storage. More collaboration to come soon! Keep your funds SAFU with Cobo.

Cobo Wallet integrating Binance Coin to its wallet platform is an amazing crypto-asset initiative. It will now provide Binance Coin holders a brilliant choice to select a crypto wallet that offers master node and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Pool skating Services. Addition to this, there are no transaction charges and hence, and an important advantage for a purchaser.

With this development, the BNB holders will have a safe platform that will offer a multi-layered verification system – an advanced user-end security framework. It also provides ‘proprietary server-end security service’ that enables actively allocated crypto assets to reduce risk and a ‘cutting-edge cold hot-server separation.’ The secret keys could be stored over multi-signature cards. The Cobo Wallet consists of the industrial-grade security system.

Apart from this, Cobo wallet permits Binance Coin holders to access decentralized applications such as FOMO3D, CryptoKitties, and others. Cobo Wallet’s strong association with leading cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin, EOS, and TRX indicates that the Cobo Wallet allows its customers to access unique functions like voting, Dapp tools, account registration, procurement, resource details, and others.

Now, this expansion is not only going to enhance the adoption of cryptocurrency but also of Binance Coin. New things have involved in the crypto market, and digital currency such as Binance Coin will have an outstanding opportunity to increase its customer base within the digital market.

However, it should be noted that the Binance Coin is supported by the Binance Exchange, mostly assists in enhancing digital currency. BNB is considered as the sixth most important currency in the crypto market. The performance of the Binance Coin in the crypto market is great and has defeated some of the leading cryptocurrencies, in recent times.

The top goal of Cobo Wallet is to offer long term services to its customers that are reliable, secure, and flexible. In order to achieve this goal, Cobo Wallet has designed two products for its customers, namely Cobo mobile wallet offered for modern customers, the mobile wallet offers services of Cobo Vault- a ‘high-end cold storage wallet.’ It also offers custodial services to corporate traders.

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