Trade99: A Multi-Asset Trading Platform


Trade99 has made a very special place among investors owing to its user-friendly interface and excellent customer service. The trading platform also offers one of the largest available range of financial assets on which investor can trade and derive profits. In fact, this convenience of investing in different kind of financial assets is one of the main highlights of Trade99 platform. We explain each and every financial asset which you can trade on the Trade99.

1) Soft Commodities: Agricultural output and industrial crops are some of the important categories that come under the soft commodities. By using the option of leveraged cryptocurrency, Trade99 allows the investors to trade in the soft commodities, take the position, and then accordingly make profits out of their investment activities. The option is quite an attractive one, especially for the new investors, who were not very much aware of the complexities of the trading world.

2) Precious Metals: There are many investors who are interesting in investing in the precious metal which include the likes of gold, silver, and platinum, among others. The platinum, in turn, consists of a number of metals which can be traded on the Trade99. This option is quite unique, and you won’t be able to find the precious metal trading option in most of the other trading platforms.

3) Indices: Counted among one of the most popular categories in the financial assets list, indices have been at the forefront of most of the trading activities around the globe. Trade99 offered the investors the option to trade on indices, which include the popular stock markets like Dow, Dax, and S&P.

4) Energy Commodities: This category includes assets which are either extracted or mined. Given the fact that energy and allied commodities will remain indispensable for the survival of human being, the investment in the energy commodities can be safely considered as a good investment. Some of the examples which come in the energy commodity category include natural gas, oil, wind energy, solar energy, and electricity, among others, which an investor can trade on Trade99 platform.

5) Cryptocurrency: Despite the ongoing turbulence, the charm of cryptocurrency continues to remain intact among investors. Cryptocurrencies are digital coins which make use of the blockchain technology for exchange. The market for the cryptocurrency is highly volatile in nature though that is not stopping investors to take their chance and make money out of the upward and downward movement of coins. Trade99 provides you the facility to trade in cryptocurrencies among other options discussed above.

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