KyberSwap DEX and Binance DEX will be Supported by Trust wallet of Binance

Trust wallet of Binance

The decentralized exchange of Binance DEX is now offering access to KyberSwap DEX. Previously the exchange was providing access to it non-custodial wallet known as Trust wallet.

The Trust wallet of Binance will support both Binance DEX and KyberSwap DEX. The exchange can take advantage of the massive pool of ECR20 tokens available with KyberSwap.

Back in 2017 Trust wallet was launched as a wallet, which is non-custodial. Ethereum tokens support the wallet. The procurement of Trust wallet was completed in 2018 by Binance. Soon after its purchase by Binance, they made it into multiple currency wallets and supported various coins. Presently the wallet supports thirty-five blockchains.

KyberSwap is powered by Kyber network provides token swap services for ECR20. The on-chain liquidity of the network makes the token swap possible everywhere. It offers an open contribution for liquidity to the assets by leveraging the liquidity pool, which is decentralized and integrating DApp. This allows the user to use their tokens anywhere in the world. At present, almost seventy ECR20 tokens are available with KyberSwap.

Kyber creators released KyberSwap on 12th of July. This allows the traders to set the trade for a cryptocurrency within a specific time. The traders will not have to deposit the fund in the beginning, as the deal starts executing the funds move automatically.

Focused on liquidity DEX platform, user can prepare and cap orders with no trouble and quickly. The vital advantage of KyberSwap is it can avoid fees linked with the deposited deal.

The addition of Kyberswap to Trust wallet of Binance will provide them with decentralized liquidity pool. Some more protocols will be added by the Trust wallet team to make it as a real multi dex wallet.

The exchange has made a move to associate KyberSwap to make the user happy. The limit order option of KyberSwap will help the traders to maximize their strategy without glued to the computers.

Viktor Radchenko, the CEO and founder of Trust Wallet, has said, they have the mission to provide trustless access to financial services through a seamless and straightforward interface. Their association with KyberSwap will provide them with an opportunity to tap into a large pool of ECR20 token liquidity and instantly trade the assets. He further said they would be integrating more projects and protocols in the future to make digital currencies more accessible to the users.

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