Trade99 Comes with Multi-Faceted Features to Enhance your Trading Experience


We live in a highly turbulent world. The old ways of doing things have been increasingly replaced by new tools and technology systems. Same is true for the trading and investment disciplines which have witnessed a sea change in methods of working, investing trends, and more importantly, the way people trade on trading platforms. Modern trading platforms offer a host of trade-facilitating instruments which help the trader to get a decent return on the investment. Trade99 is one such state-of-the-art, technology-oriented yet very user-friendly trading platform which has opened new avenues of growth for the traders and investors. The distinctive competence of Trade99 is its ability to provide a large number of trading instruments for investors and according to the interest, one can easily choose the option to pursue. Unlike the other platforms, investors do not need to actually own assets here and still can trade on the platform by taking a position.

Trade99 and Changing Trading Scenario

With the advent of blockchain technology and the concept of cryptocurrency coming into the picture, the whole crypto universe is seeing interesting developments. These developments are even more interesting and relevant when we take a look at the crypto history in the last two to three years. We all have witnessed the phenomenal rise of Bitcoin reaching to an astronomical height of $20,000 and then plunging all the way down to the $3400. In 2019, the leading coin is back on the recovery path and the whole story of these ups and downs presents a wonderful opportunity for investors. Using the cryptocurrency trading tool of Trade99, one can take a particular position and according to the outcome, make a profit from their trading exercise. And the biggest merit, as we have told you already, is that you need not own the cryptocurrency that you want to trade in.

The scope of trading on Trade99 is not limited only to cryptocurrency as you can take the position in a wide variety of trading instruments. You can bet on the way the world stock indices will react in the future; you can trade on soft commodities, precious metals, and energy commodities, among others. In addition to these categories, cryptocurrency trading and indices are the other two categories that the trading platform has on offer. You can choose from any of these categories and take your position to make a profit on the trading activity. The platform also provides a range of supporting, value-added services to clients. These services are offered according to the category of customer you are classified into. To help you trade anywhere and anytime, Trade99 has apps for both Android and iOS in addition to having support for the Tablet trading.

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