Trade99 Offers Top-Notch Apps to Improve your Trading Experience


Trade99 offers a bundle of advanced trading tools that help the traders to take their game to the next level. Along with keeping the lifestyle’s demands of speed and freedom of movement, Trade99 offers some smart solutions for its users to support them to make their trading transactions more efficient, quick, and accessible.

What are the smart solutions one can find on Trade99?

On this platform, you will find that a good amount of attention has been given to the user’s needs. The company has come into the users’ shoes while coming up with solutions for them. This very customer-centric approach has earned Trade99 the world-class status in customer satisfaction. Here are the smart solutions that you can find on Trade99-

  • Android Trading App,
  • iPhone Trading App,
  • Tablet Trading, and
  • Trade99 WebTrader.

Let’s have a closer look-

Let us now dig into the above mentioned smart solutions to understand them better.

Trade99 WebTrader-

On Trade99 Web Trader, the user can trade on the leveraged cryptocurrency, crypto exchanges, and futures. The best bit of this smart solution is that it can be accessed from anywhere, and from any device. All you need is a stable internet connection and an account of the Trade99 Web platform, and you are good to go for trading. You can do a range of trading related activities on this platform, such as-

  • The user can have a detailed view of the financial instruments.
  • One can perform trading and investment through this platform.
  • The user can also go through the past logs of transactions made on the platform.
  • Other activities such as completing the pending orders, sending trade orders, analyzing market trends can be done through this platform.
  • Detailed descriptive graphs and market trend indicators are present on the Web Trader to enable the user to correctly gauge the market and to make well-informed decisions.
  • The Web Trader can be accessed through any device such as a computer or a laptop with a stable internet connection, and through any browser of your choice.

In addition to the above points, there is special attention given to the user’s data security. This is accomplished by encrypting every transmitted data. Further, the transactions on this platform are protected by the two-factor authentication process to ensure customer’s safety and privacy at all costs.

Android Trading App-

As the name suggests, the Android Trading App is designed for customers who use android based operating systems on their mobiles. It can be downloaded the Google Play Store easily. The features of Android Trading App are as follows-

  • The user can swiftly complete pending orders, send the trade orders, and analyze the on-going market trends through this app.
  • Given it is a mobile-based app, this gives the user the ability to trade on the go.
  • Other benefits of this app include- detailed view on the financial instruments, the ability to trade and invest, go through the trading history to maintain records of trading transactions, etc. through any android mobile.
  • Also, there are market indicators and descriptive graphs that explain to the customer about the ongoing market trends that can help them to make the right trading decision at the right time.

iPhone Trading App

This app is for iOS users. They can easily download this app from the apple store and get ready for trading in no time. Here is a glimpse of what you can do on this platform-

  • With your Trade99 account, simply log into your account and you can find the latest trading tips and suggestions on your palm (in your phone.)
  • In this app, the user can consult the latest market trends through the detailed graphs that tell about the latest trading trends before you decide to invest anything into trading.
  • Further, there are market indicators that are provided to you on this pap to help you make wise trading decisions.
  • In addition to this, the user can check on the pending orders, and send the trading orders, just with a few clicks, and that too on the go!

Tablet Trading-

This one brings two worlds together. What we mean is that on the tablet trading, one can enjoy the full feature packed trading perks of the Web trader platform, and the mobility of a smartphone- on the Tablet trading platform. This set up has been designed only for tablet users. In short, it is the desktop trading that you can enjoy on your tablet device. Rest, the features are just the same as you get on the Web Trader.

Trade99 believes in satisfying its customers fully. And by giving them all around trading services through- Android Trading App, iPhone Trading App, Tablet Trading, and Trade99 WebTrader; Trade99 hopes to cater to them in the best possible manner.

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