Facebook Faces A Lawsuit From Founder Of Big Brother, John de Mol


The issue of fake news and fraudulent advertisements have once again come to fore with a well-known founder of a TV-reality series “Big Brother,” Joh De Mol accused Facebook of not able to stop fake Bitcoin advertisement on its platform which features his image in the background. According to the lawsuit filed by the Dutch billionaire, Facebook and Instagram have a large number of such fake Bitcoin investment ads with John’s face being promoted prominently; implying that the investment proposal has his support. Most of the people who have responded to this advertisement have lost their money and this according to the lawyer of John has seriously affected the reputation of the TV-show producer. The victims of this fraud invested as they believed that John is directly involved in the process, and the end, lost money to the scammers.

Finer Details

The lawyer of the John De Mol, Jacqueline Schaap further added that despite repeated requests from her client, Facebook didn’t respond on time and in the measure that was required for the matter of such gravity. It was really unfortunate on the part of the company not to pay attention to such a serious matter, and the whole process brought irreparable damage to the reputation of the famous TV series producer.

This is not the first time Facebook has come under the attack, especially with respect to privacy, fake news, and fraudulent advertisements. Since the first allegation of Facebook’s platform use in interfering with the US presidential election in 2016, the company has been constantly in trouble for its loose policies, inviting the wrath of a number of stakeholders from all walks of life. Responding to the allegations, Facebook admitted that it is very difficult to control fake news and fraudulent advertisements as their link and pages can be changed at any point in time.

According to the lawyer of Facebook, the company has removed and banned all such advertisements, but the problem persisted because, over the period, these scammers tend to evolve in their practices too. It would be very difficult to curb all such practices, and it requires constant monitoring and surveillance to quickly take any such advertisements off the web.

Legal Process and Complications

The decision in this regard is expected to take around a period of one month, and in the meantime, the judge who is deciding the matter has asked both the parties to consult and find an amicable solution. While John wants Facebook to have a filter which will help to block all such kind of ads in the future, the company, on the other hand, is not very receptive to such an idea. Experts also believe that such a step from Facebook can have a very negative impact on its revenue, and the company is unlikely to implement this kind of stringent measure. Facebook, on its part, contended that such a drastic step will lead to the over blocking of the advertisements and could also hamper the growth of even genuine advertisers.

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