Cryptocurrencies Featured On Netflix Show; Sparks Mixed Reaction From Fans


The fact that cryptocurrencies are now being increasingly associated with the mainstream media points towards their increasing adoption on a larger scale. Recently, several cryptocurrencies have been mentioned in a show broadcasted by Netflix called “How to sell drugs online (Fast).” At the end of the episode, much to the surprise of many crypto enthusiasts, there was an announcement (supposedly from the dealer) that they accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, IOTA, Ethereum, and Ripple as payment currencies.

Reactions from Crypto hailers

While the news is positive from the viewpoint of crypto adoption, fans of cryptocurrencies have a mixed reaction to this new development. While some are excited about this mainstream adoption, others are not very enthusiastic about the association. Most of the reactions coming from the IOTA investors have been on the positive side though the same is not true for the other cryptocurrency holders.

It is to be noted that this is not the first time that cryptocurrencies have been promoted on such a large-scale mainstream media. We have already witnessed the announcement made in the month of July last year about the start of the movie titled “Crypto” that is expected to hit the theatres in this current year. Star cast of the movie consists of a number of Hollywood A-list actors and fans really excited about that new project. Jordan Yale Levine who is the producer of the film said that the concept of cryptocurrency had captured the imagination of people all around the globe and he is very happy to bring the story of digital coins to the big screen. As an audience, we had also watched the show of John Oliver in which the hosts tried to simplify the concept of cryptocurrencies and explain what the digital coins are and what significance do these have in the economy.

Larger Picture of crypto adoption

From the viewpoint of the adoption, this kind of promotion is going to be instrumental in widening the appeal of the digital coins among the general public. It will spread awareness and further going to make sure that the people will at least get to know about the concept of cryptocurrency. Once they become familiar with the convenience that digital coins bring along with them, it would be far easier for the crypto organization to convince them who adopt the digital coins. And in this regard, the promotion on the mainstream media like Netflix is going to hold utmost importance for the wider adoption of cryptocurrency around the world.

Along the same lines, we have seen the many crypto players sponsor sporting events just to make the general public aware of their presence and convenience. Even some of the cryptocurrencies in the past have collaborated with world heavyweight championships or racing events to promote their credentials and results of these associations came out to be very enthusiastic. The players in the crypto industry are expecting the same kind of enthusiasm and fervor from this recent development and seems quite excited about it.

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