Indian Telecom Operators Embracing Blockchain To Provide Spam-free services


Telecom majors in India are gearing up to deploy blockchain technology to provide users respite from spam calls and unsolicited messages. The telecom industry in the country is highly competitive and consists of three major players – Vodafone, Idea, Airtel, and Reliance Jio. According to the latest development, Vodafone Idea has collaborated with Tanla solutions while Reliance Jio has signed a partnership agreement with Tech Mahindra to get the blockchain technology for solving some of the major irritants that most of the users often complain about it. Just so you know, the third major player in this trio, i.e., Airtel had already signed an agreement with IBM for getting the access to blockchain based solutions to solve these problems.

TRAI and Regulations

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), a government body regulating the telecom sector in the country, is going to impose new regulations by the end of this month. The new regulations mandate the service providers to bar unsolicited calls and messages to the users, and the adoption of open ledger technology has come into effect in the wake of this particular background. Once this facility is activated, you will be able to set the preferences on what kind of calls and messages you are willing to receive from the service provider. This kind of empowerment is going to make the life of the subscribers easy, and this will be made possible only because of the technical prowess of blockchain. In terms of customer base, Vodafone Idea leads the Indian market total subscriber base of 395 million. Airtel stacks at number two with 325 million while Jio at third place has 307 million users to its kitty.

Industry Dynamics

Tanla solutions, in addition to signing a multi-year contract with Vodafone and  Idea, is also helping Airtel in implementing blockchain solutions. However, in terms of scale, IBM continues to remain the biggest vendor for the Airtel in providing the blockchain-based solutions company. Tanla solutions say that the technology deployment and testing are already underway for Vodafone Idea, and it is expected to witness full deployment in a couple of months. The official spokesperson of the Vodafone Idea acknowledged this and said that the company is receptive of the idea from the TRAI to provide smooth and uninterrupted services to its users. Reliance Jio, on the other hand, has adopted an altogether different approach and rather than sourcing the services from the Tech Mahindra, it is actually jointly developing these solutions with the company.

The apex body representing the industry, Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) is also working very hard to convince every industry player to adopt the new regulation with the positive frame of mind. According to top officials of COAI, this technology adoption is going to benefit all the industry players in the long run in terms of more customer loyalty and confidence. Providing uninterrupted services which are free from any kind of spam or unwanted calls is a good step to start with, and all telecom majors must adopt it before the binding regulations kick in.

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