AT&T Starts Accepting Payments In Bitcoin


The adoption of cryptocurrency is on the rise with many retail stores, and online payment portals have started accepting payment in cryptocurrencies. Of course, the issue of volatility continues to be a big concern, but that hasn’t deterred many industry players to innovate and experiment with this new channel of accepting payment. In the list of businesses accepting payment through crypto, a new name has now been added which is going to lend more credence to the cryptocurrency as a legitimate payment method.

AT&T Announcement

American Telecom giant AT&T has announced that it has just started accepting payment for their online bills in Bitcoin. This makes the company the very first organization in the American telecom sector to provide such a facility to its users. According to the industry insiders, this is going to have a huge impact on the adoption of cryptocurrency and more importantly, such announcement coming from one of the major commercial organizations is bound to attract attention. It might be possible that in the coming days, other companies in the telecom sector also come up with similar kind of facility which allows the users to have the convenience of paying their bills via cryptocurrencies.

Procedural Requirements

The procedure of making the payment through Bitcoin is quite simple. Users have to choose the option of BitPay on the AT&T portal under the section of MyAT&T, and from there, they need to select Bitcoin as a payment method and follow the procedure to make the payment. There is also a flip side to this development with many skeptics believe that despite providing this facility, AT&T may not receive very enthusiastic response towards this new payment method. The primary reason behind this pessimism is the fact that still there is the constant up-down movement in the prices of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin which is a cause of concern for the company as well as users. This constant turbulence is not only affecting the stability of the crypto industry but also one of the main culprits why the adoption of cryptocurrency is facing so many hindrances from the prospective users. However, with the passage of time, it is expected that the turbulence and tumultuous nature of the crypto market will ultimately subside and then this kind of facility will show its results. Nonetheless, this development is an important one and signifies a positive shift in the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the US.

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