WhatsApp Starts Feature to Allow Cryptocurrency Transfer Between Users


Heralding new era, users of the popular messaging platform WhatsApp can now receive and send cryptocurrencies thanks to the “Lite.lm bot.” For now, only Bitcoin and Litecoin can be sent or received, but as the system evolves and matures with the period of time, it is expected to have other cryptocurrencies in this list of transactional currencies.

WhatsApp Popularity

The platform of WhatsApp is quite popular around the globe and its popularity can be gauged from the fact that this messaging application is in use over 180 countries in the world. There are more than 1 billion users of WhatsApp globally and this latest facility of allowing cryptocurrencies transfers between users is expected to boost widespread adoption of digital assets in the world. This newly incorporated functionality on the WhatsApp platform is in alignment with the broad strategy of Facebook, which is silently working on its cryptocurrency project, Libra. The social media giant is expected to come with its own Stablecoin soon in future as it aims to develop a holistic payment ecosystem on its platform. Just so you know, WhatsApp social media messaging app is owned by Facebook.

Project-Specific Details

Coming back to the WhatsApp cryptocurrency transfer facility, the information in this regard was revealed by the Zulu Republic. Making the announcement on its Twitter account, the blockchain ecosystem said that the users who want to experience this new functionality need to install “Lite.IM WhatsApp bot” by following instructions of installing the feature. Once the installation is complete, users can benefit from this new functionality and use it for transferring the above-mentioned cryptocurrencies to other users. In addition to this crypto transfer facility, users will get a number of other options too that can be utilized effectively for a number of other options.

Promotional Strategy

In addition to the transfer facility, users can enjoy the benefits of a referral program. The feature allows users to earn cryptocurrency through referral scheme, which is expected to encourage other mainstream users to embrace this new feature. Among default option, one can set either Bitcoin or Litecoin and accordingly start sending or accepting digital coins to other users. What further aids the user-friendliness of this feature is its customizability – one can use a language from a list of options available on the menu and accordingly set passwords in their preferred language. It is expected that very soon the list of cryptocurrencies will get updated and include ZTX, a cryptocurrency from the house of Zulu Republic, and Ethereum.

Experts’ opinion

Crypto experts and analysts believe that this incorporation of crypto transfer feature will help in wide adoption of cryptocurrencies as a large user base of WhatsApp are going to be instrumental in this adoption process. This new convenience will make people aware of digital coins in addition to encouraging them to have a more crypto-friendly attitude. In sum, this new development is positive and help to mainstream crypto adoption among users.

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