Accept All Your Crypto Payments on Vaulty


If you are an entrepreneur or business owner or Youtuber or anyone with a website made with the intention of earning money online, cryptocurrencies can help you earn payments from anyone throughout the world without any worry that usually comes with fiat currencies.

So far, anyone who accepts cryptocurrencies needs to create public addresses to receive payments in crypto for all the different cryptocurrencies they use and display those links everywhere they accept their payments. With Vaulty, that’s going to change.

Vaulty is a free crypto payment platform that eases the process of accepting payments for businesses and other entrepreneurs. It helps make it easier for both the payer and the payee. With the seamless ability of the payments in Vaulty, no businessperson would ever want to go back to not having Vaulty again.

Anyone can use Vaulty to accept cryptocurrencies on website, blog, YouTube or anywhere you can provide a link. Vaulty generates this hero link for you that takes the payer to a page that lists all the public addresses of all the crypto tokens or coins that you accept payments in. They also have their respective QR codes along with them to pay through scanning the code.

How to use Vaulty

Using Vaulty is a simple process. You go to the website of Vaulty. You’d see a call-to-action button on the page that says “Start Accepting Crypto”. When you click on this CTA, you will be asked to select the coins and tokens that you accept from the list displayed. Once you’ve selected your crypto, you can click on next to be forwarded to the next page.

You will arrive at a page that will ask you to provide the public addresses of the cryptocurrencies that you selected in the previous step and add them to their respective tokens. This will help create a library of all your crypto addresses, and Vaulty will generate a single hero link for a page that shows all these addresses to your customers or sponsors.

Vaulty also provides you with many free tools for Bitcoin cash users to use to make your crypto payments even more easy and accessible. One of the most useful of these tools in the cash address converter. This tool lets you convert your Bitcoin cash address into Cashaddr or Legacy formats.

Platforms like Vaulty are making it easy for online entrepreneurs to save a lot of trouble by making it easier to monetize their online platforms without worrying about the shortcomings that usually accompany fiat currencies like international borders.

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