Litecoin Adds Ellipal Hardware Wallet 2.0


Litecoin recently announced the addition of a new hardware wallet. The Ellipal hardware wallet 2.0 is sold at the cost of $ 149 on the Litecoin Foundation store. Litecoin foundation states that this wallet is a free cold wallet with a full connection.

Due to several unfortunate hacks happening on cryptocurrencies, there is a need for individuals to maintain their own funds safe and not rely on third-parties such as a custodian exchange as crypto-currency users and investors.

Ellipal hardware wallet 2.0 operates offline, eliminating network attack potential. By locking a password, you can also add another protective layer by “encrypting.” This is an option available in some wallets, but not all.

By importing it, users can store their private key in the cold wallet. Ellipal offers a simple step-by-step process for creating and retrieving your accounts. Multi-language support is available.

Ellipal deals with smartphone-compatible crypto-hardware wallets. It functions perfectly with Ellipal App via safe and verifiable QR codes. Ellipal is an air-coated device. Hardware wallets have physical buttons to confirm transactions, so even when the hardware wallet is available, it is practically impossible for hackers to move funds.

The cryptocurrency which is based on fast confirmation and low transaction charges is Litecoin (LTC). In addition to the growing desire for control over its finances, these features quickly drive Litecoin to become the worldwide consumer and company new global payment standard. The Litecoin blockchain is able to handle a greater volume of transactions than its partner Bitcoin. The network supports more transactions without changing the software in the future because of more frequent block generation.

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