Starbucks to Use Microsoft’s Azure to Develop a Coffee Tracking Platform


Microsoft has recently announced the launch of Azure blockchain services which can be easily accessed by the number of its clients including Seattle-based coffee major Starbucks. The development is interesting as it marks the arrival of a new chapter in the corporate history of Starbucks which is now going to use blockchain for tracking the whole journey of its coffee products right from the farm to the customers’ cup.

Supply chain and logistics industry are one of the major consumers of the blockchain services across the globe wherein organizations use open-ledger technology to track their consignments or products/services.  This news of the adoption of blockchain by Starbucks came close on the heels of an announcement from the Microsoft that it is going to offer Azure blockchain for improving the business processes and efficiency for its clients. Through Microsoft’s new cloud platform, it would be easy for companies to use new technologies like Artificial Intelligence and blockchain.

Mobile App based on Blockchain

Starbucks is going to roll out a new feature in its mobile app (based on blockchain) that will provide comprehensive information to customers about the origin of the coffee source, particular area and country where this coffee has been cultivated, what is its special taste and aroma, what the company is doing in order to support the farmers community of that particular area, etc. Not only this process will help the customer to get access to more information, but Starbucks is also confident that the local communities involved in the production of coffee will also receive benefits out of this technology adoption. Starbucks is of the firm belief that the blockchain technology will help the company to improve the livelihood of local communities to help them live a meaningful life.

Benefits of Blockchain

The benefits of blockchain adoption on the customer front are apparent. It is going to increase customer confidence, enhancing the transparency of the information, and help the company to establish a deep and strong loyal bond with the customers. Using the services of Microsoft new platform, Starbucks will be able to keep track, not only the movement of the coffee but also its journey of transformation from the raw bean to the final product, i.e., a coffee bag. Thanks to the high security of blockchain, all the records will be immutable and provide a piece of secure and authentic information to all the stakeholders involved in the process. The project is a culmination of the announcement that Starbucks made last year when it said that the company would like to go for pilot “bean to cup” project. The company said that it had a network over 380,000 coffee farms across the globe and this new implementation of blockchain will help to streamline operation while enhancing the efficiency.

Experts and industry analysts opine that blockchain adoption by the Starbucks is a part of its overall strategy to fuel digital innovations, enhance operational efficiency, and seek synergy from all its operations. IoT has made things simple for many corporations and now with the growing use of blockchain technology, and the company is ready to soar to new heights.

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