PepsiCo Tested Blockchain-based Ad Campaign and Got 28% More Efficiency


In an important revelation about the effectiveness of the advertisement campaign run on the blockchain, PepsiCo has achieved around 28% more efficiency in one of its test advertisement campaigns. According to the news report, this is quite a significant achievement in terms of enhancing the efficiency and expected to grab eyeballs of other mainstream companies too.

Specific Details

Giving more details about the project, Mindshare Media Company said that this particular testing is a part of Proton Project initiative. The Proton project has been initiated by the company to run the advertisement campaigns on smart contracts. Just so you know, smart contracts use blockchain technology in order to provide a genuine, safe, and authentic data to ensure that the advertisers will not end up paying for fake impressions or for that matter unproductive result.

Mindshare Media is a part of WPP Network, and the project for PepsiCo was running on a pilot testing in the region of Asia Pacific. Compared to advertisements run on the ordinary mediums/channels, this particular one has utilized Smart Contract, and PepsiCo is quite happy with the results. In the future, PepsiCo is expected to widen the application of blockchain- based advertisement in other regions too. Media companies, on their part, are expecting a rise in the revenues and hoping to gain more clients by strengthening their credibility and genuine results.

Smart Contracts

Zilliqa is a Singapore-based blockchain company which has developed Smart Contract and forged a partnership with Mindshare way back in November 2017. Both of these companies are making quite a progress in the media domain and expecting to gain more market share in the coming months. Their credibility is going to reach a new hight thanks to this blockchain test project as companies across the industries are looking for effective ways to promote their products through effective advertisement.

In a related development, Brave has come up with the new option of rewarding the viewers who agree to watch the advertisement on this decentralized browser format. Not only it will help to enhance the genuineness of data related to the advertisement but also reduce the cost factor involved in promotional campaigns undertaken by the companies. Further, the whole campaign is much safer compared to other media on which advertisement campaigns are run. It will be interesting to witness how long it will take the PepsiCo to fully integrate blockchain-based advertisement campaign in its portfolio. It is also not clear whether the company is going to have more test runs before finally giving a nod to using smart projects in its marketing campaign. But one thing is very much certain that this new trend is catching up with multinational companies and when such a big name (PepsiCo) experiments and adopts the technology, it strengthens the genuineness and credibility of the technology (blockchain in this case).

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