Nestle to Use Blockchain For Sharing Mousline Puree Information With Customers


Switzerland-based food major Nestle has started using the blockchain platform for sharing information with its customers. The company is currently running the pilot project, and in the first phase, it will provide the information about Mousline Puree sold by Carrefour retail chain to its customers in France. This is for the first time that Nestle is using the blockchain platform for strengthening the faith of customers in its food products. Just so you know, along with the food chain department, Nestle is utilizing the blockchain platform for driving up the efficiency in its other business processes too, including in logistics and supply chain with an aim to enhance the overall sustainability of the business.

In order to know the entire journey of Mousline puree that the product takes from the fields to the production facility of Nestle in Northern France and then finally to Carrefour retail stores, customers need to scan the code given on the product with their smartphone or other scanning-enabled devices. Once done successfully, the process will result in the revelation of important information about the product which includes its manufacturing date, parameters of quality on which the product has been anchored, the total time the product has been in the storage, and the location of the warehouse from where it has been shipped. In addition to all this information, the customer will also get to know about farmers from where the raw potatoes have been sourced and the detail of the process through which this puree has been made.

Speaking on the occasion, Vineet Khanna who is heading the Nestlé’s Global supply chain in the capacity of Senior Vice-President said that this initiative which has been carried out in partnership with Carrefour is a result of constant innovation and customer-centric approach that company is known for.  This project signifies a great step and likely to pave the way for future efforts of the company in the blockchain domain. Khanna further said that this new move will enhance the trust of the customers on the company as, through the sharing of data, the company is providing more transparency and information to the buyers. Not only the Nestle but other channel partners like wholesalers and retailers will also benefit from this new measure adopted by the company, Khanna added further. Nestle became part of the IBM food trust in the year 2017 and since then, has been actively involved in using blockchain platform for its various business processes. Through the adoption of blockchain, Nestle’s primary motive is to enhance transparency by sharing information about its products with customers.

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