Zcash Announces Launch of Light Reference Wallet for Android

Zcash recently announced the release of reference wallet for the Android mobile devices. Just so you know, the term reference wallet in this context has been used for the open-source, instructional guide having the detailed procedure on how to create a mobile wallet. The company is hoping that through this release it will able to collect the feedback from a range of stakeholders about the possible bugs that it aims to fix before the official release of its wallet.

Zcash further said in the statement it has been able to successfully develop a wallet which is megabytes in size and requires very nominal space on the mobile phone. The wallet, it claims, will also not stress the computational power and doesn’t result in eating up large phone memory. As per a report by CryptoNewsZ, the newly released reference wallet has been divided into different parts. DSK is the first component which is going to connect the Android users to the network of Zcash. The depository function will be performed by Librustzcash and the wallet can also be run on Lightwalled – which is its own server.

One thing that Zcash has made absolutely clear is that this release is purely instructional in nature. Electric Coin Company is one of the main organizations involved with the release of this light wallet and as the wallet simply performs the function of providing the instruction, it is only compatible with mobile developers and Android devices for now. The company is hoping that the release of this new lightweight reference wallet will catalyze the growth of open-source development in the market.

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