Jubiter Launches Bitcoin Visa Card for Europe

In an important development, Jubiter – a cryptocurrency exchange based in Estonia – has announced the introduction of Bitcoin Visa debit cards for its users. These cards are specifically launched for the European market, and the company is hopeful of getting a positive response from the prospective customers. This new facility will allow the users of Jubiter to load their crypto on Bitcoin cards which can be used for making a payment on a real-time basis. The cryptocurrency will be automatically converted into Euros, and one can enjoy the facility at every place where the Visa card is accepted for the payment. This is indeed a significant step towards promoting the wide adoption of cryptocurrency across Europe. The list of cryptocurrencies that can be loaded on the card includes Bitcoin and Litecoin among others. According to the official announcement, the customers will be able to apply for the new card in the next few weeks, and the preference will be given to the customers having verified accounts with the exchange.

Phased Rollout

Jubiter will roll out the facility in a phased manner and in the first phase, it is going to cover twenty-seven different countries in Europe. However, in the later phase, the company has a plan to expand this facility globally. The press statement of the company said that it is working on its mission to make cryptocurrencies accessible to all in the world and this new Bitcoin Visa Card is a step in that direction. This development is definitely going to make cryptocurrencies far easier to use in our daily lives and possibly bridge the gap that exists between purchasing and using cryptocurrencies.

Just so you know, recently 2gether, a Spanish banking startup has also announced a plan to launch similar Visa debit card which will allow users to spend their cryptocurrencies through the card across Europe. Both these developments have set the stage for innovations which aims to make cryptocurrencies more practical and user-friendly and aims to promote digital coins among the masses. In fact, many experts suggest that in order to promote the adoption of crypto and blockchain, the industry has to find ways to make them more practical and usable in real-world circumstances. Purchasing the Bitcoin is one thing but using it for the daily routine is an altogether different scenario. If the companies are able to successfully integrate cryptocurrencies in the daily life routine of the people, just like this case of Bitcoin debit card, we will witness faster adoption of crypto in the society. The success of this effort of Jubiter depends upon how many debit card companies are capable of providing to its users and how flawless the mechanism to convert crypto into Euros work in real-world.

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