CEO of Concordium Claims Global Blockchain Infrastructure Being Held Back by Concept of Anonymity

Concordium CEO, Lone Fonss Schroder has recently mentioned that as of now blockchain technology is held back by the idea of anonymity, which looks to be vital for the society and this was not what the technology actually wanted, and this cannot be the natural case for global infrastructure.

As per Schroder blockchain network is trying to offer a store of value and even the global strength in order to maintain the transactions of the world. Schroder put forth her statement while speaking over a report from McKinsey and Company suggesting that blockchain still needs to be the turning point as many had expected it to be and the promise is yet to be delivered.

As per Schroder, the real opportunity lies in developing the blockchain technology in a way which allows everyone to share and utilize it because blockchain technology is a visible, secure technology. Nevertheless, the technology is even providing some kind of privacy to the users like their names are not directly connected to the transactions, but she has blamed the ones who offer anonymity.

Further stating that the customers and businesses require increasing their trust in many ways so as to make the promise to be fulfilled, the trust should be increased in any sort of transaction, escrowing, brokerage or public service and she is against anonymous counterparts such as Zcash and Monero.

In spite of her allegations over anonymity, she was hopeful along with Gartner Group and PwC that the blockchain industry was prepared to be valued more than 3 trillion dollar USD within ten years from now.

Moving into blockchain

Before invading into the blockchain technology, Schroder had a normal career. She had worked for almost 22 years at A.P Moller Maersk which is a logistic shipping and energy company from Denmark. She has a similar kind of experience in companies like Volvo and Ikea. She has even served as a senior advisor at Credit Suisse.

Her decision of stepping into blockchain technology has been demanding and also astonishing, she said. She further said that because of the experience she gained, it was possible for her to understand the business models and to design them to adjust to a growing digital world and many other companies around the world are also working hard to understand it.

The blockchain tech is the best way to keep records; it is transparent, fast and even reduces costs, and so the CEO knows how powerful it is. She also hopes that it is the perfect time to enhance the technology and show others how technology can be used.

According to the CEO, Concordium stands to alter the nature of blockchain firms and even eliminate various barriers which are causing problems and so the company intends to offer models to people so that they can develop trust among themselves and by doing so, they will be able to connect financially by using the blockchain technology.

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