TOR Project Foundation to Start Accepting Monero for Cryptocurrency Donations

TOR Project is a non-profit organization that builds technologies with qualities like open source privacy and anonymity. TOR has added Monero to its network by which it will be accepting cryptocurrencies like Monero as donations.

If you are a crypto enthusiast or like to stay updated with the technical and financial happenings, you must have heard of the TOR browser. TOR project is just a visible face of something sinful going on the internet. It is a face of what people called the Deep Web or Dark Web. Dark web is nothing but an illegal collection of unindexed websites. This collection represents the freest components of the internet world.

But still, it is in demand and people love it. This must be happening for two reasons. People who want to protect their privacy or interest and get through the censors without getting caught are would like to use it.

The real meaning of TOR is “The Onion Router.” The word ‘onion’ in this name suggests the similarity of the project with the onion which comes with many layers; just like the many layers of encryption in the TOR.

However, if you ask anybody about encryption and its importance, most of the people will give mix replies as there is prevailing a doubt in the market. After the FBI’s action on the Silk Road website. The second explorer using this project is to explore the Dark Web, which in return could expand your online reach.

TOR accepts a range of coins like Augur, Stellar, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Cash, and Ethereum. TOR has built a direct interaction with the wallet which enables users to donate crypto directly to the Tor Project without depending on third parties like BitPay.

No wonder there is a community of people supporting and cheering TOR project across the world. This community of supporters includes researchers, computer scientists, developers, cryptographers, and designers.

All these are backed by NGOs, the US funding agencies, private organizations/companies, and more than 20,000 individual donations made by people. Going with crowdfunding helps in diversifying the donor base and it has no limits. It helps with a free hand to companies also as they can spend money on any project of potential (as per the company).

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