Relevance of Blockchain for Democratizing Artificial Intelligence

There exists a huge opportunity to use free computing space in the world more efficiently. According to a rough estimate, around 90% of the total 4 billion computers across the globe has a free capacity at any moment in time. This figure does not include free capacities available across other devices like smartphone and tablets. In effect, all these excess capacities are wasted and turned out to be unproductive.

Sensing the opportunity, many start-ups today are exploring new and innovative ways to use this excess capacity for the various applications of the blockchain. As blockchain works on the principle of distributed ledger technology, it provides the infrastructure for idle capacity to provide support for transactions and other blockchain processes. Some of the solutions provided by the blockchain developers in this regard include data storage and web hosting. However, the more exciting area which can be specifically leveraged by the idle capacity solution is the field of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence has caught the attention of every stakeholder in the technology development and adoption ecosystem. Many experts argue that using blockchain solutions in the area of data storage and web hosting, one can speed up wider distribution of algorithm and data which, in turn, will have a direct positive impact on the development of artificial intelligence. That said, many technology experts are apprehensive about the fact that big guns in the technology industry such as Facebook, IBM, Google have already started dominating the artificial intelligence field which could possibly lead to the monopoly of these big firms in this emerging technology area. These organizations control a major chunk of digital data which is necessary to promote the machine learning program, and there is a compelling need to democratic data if we want to have a development of artificial intelligence for the greater good of the community.

Blockchain use in Artificial Intelligence

Experts pin their hope on the blockchain technology to democratic artificial intelligence data. As the application of blockchain allows the financial transactions to happen without any middlemen, its use in artificial intelligence can help a large number of stakeholders to access the data and idle computing power without any intervening centralized authority. Efforts have already started, and many companies have established marketplaces based on the blockchain allowing for buying and selling of the data. The primary motive behind this move is to make the data available democratically, and people with impressive academic and professional credential are backing such enterprises. Kaasy and Skynet are examples of organizations involved in the sale and purchase of data. However, Hardon network seems to have taken the lead in providing solutions to the real-life problems using the concept of shared computing power. Hardon uses the marketplace it has created to get solutions regarding artificial intelligence. The network categorizes the sounds and images in a manner that can be processed for some different applications including the classification of images and face detection. People on this network bid for various tasks and applications and Hardon assign these tasks to the connected devices and pays a part of the bid which is aligned with the demand. This means if there is a high demand for computation, the prices for the bid will be higher and in case of low demand, the bid prices will be lower. This distributed model for the computing used by the Hardon offers many advantages over the traditional network; the most prominent one being is its capability to scale up computational resources. With the increase in demand, prices will rise, and that will attract more existing and new users to offer their computational capacity, thereby helping the scaling process. The network has recently announced that Aikon will launch it as the first dService which will allow the users to use its Vision API for recognizing and categorization of images.

Prospects of Blockchain for Artificial Intelligence

The use of blockchain technology in the field of artificial intelligence has just now started, and it will take a long time for the distributed ledger to gain a strong footing in this specialized technology area. However, the most important contribution of blockchain technology in artificial intelligence is to make data available to all the stakeholders without any kind of centralized and corporate control. This means all the benefits and advantages of artificial intelligence can be shared democratically without any undue interference or domination of a few big companies.

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