2gether Intends to Widen Crypto Adoption Through Cryptocurrency Cards

One of the credible ways to enhance widespread adoption of cryptocurrency is to make their use popular among brick and mortar stores. Popularly known by the term “over the counter,” this kind of arrangement will help to popularize the crypto adoption in an effective manner. This essentially means you walk into a retail store, make your purchase, and then pay retailer via cryptocurrency card and complete the transaction without any kind of unnecessary hassle.

Many companies have taken a shot to spread the cryptocurrency adoption via this route and the latest one to join the fray is 2gether. The company has just announced the launch of a new crypto card backed by VISA that it plans to roll out across Eurozone in the near future. The total number of countries the company has announced to launch this new VISA card is 19 in numbers. Just so you know, the Eurozone is the name referred to a group of countries in Europe which uses Euro as a cryptocurrency.

With the help of 2gether, investors will be able to use, spend, and purchase seven different types of cryptocurrencies which include the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, etc. Any of these types of cryptocurrencies selected by investors for payment will be converted into Euros and readily accepted by the merchants. This ease and swiftness of transaction make the new system enviable and sparks the hope that crypto would witness high adoption through this new card project.

The rollout of this new project has come after a series of its successful trials in Spain. The chief executive officer of the company said that the organization is first few names in the crypto industry to come out with an application connecting mainstream market with the crypto world. The company has also announced 2GT token pre-sales on March 27. Crypto enthusiasts and analysts believe that once the full launch of this new project is manifested in the market, we can see wide adoption of cryptocurrency in the European countries. Undoubtedly, the project has the potential to overcome the limitations associated with the conversion of cryptocurrency into fiat currency and vice versa. The convenience of customers and investors are of high importance if the crypto industry has to become a mainstay technology in the coming years. The difficulty of currency conversion somewhere restricts customers’ convenience, and if the project gets desired success, the crypto adoption rate would definitely go up.

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