Forte and Ripple Come Together for Blockchain Adoption in Gaming Industry

Spreading its wings in the gaming industry, a blockchain-based gaming startup Forte has revealed its partnership with Ripple’s Xpring. The partnership has resulted in a funding initiative of $100 million which will be used to integrate blockchain technology in various games that will be developed by Forte. Just so you know, Xpring is an initiative of Ripple which is focused on the development of blockchain ecosystem across different industry segments.

Kevin Chou, the founder of Kabam, announced in February last month that Forte has been launched with the sole aim of increasing blockchain usage in the gaming industry. The fund jointly established by Forte and Xpring will encourage the developers to integrate blockchain in their gaming system and will be specifically provided to the games having more than 50,000 users playing their games on a daily basis. In addition to jointly developing the fund, Forte will be utilizing Ripple’s blockchain platform to develop its own gaming technology, aiming to achieve a long term sustainable association between both companies.

Speaking on the occasion of sealing a partnership with Forte, Senior Vice President of Xpring, Ethan Beard said that his company is delighted to join hands with the veteran in the field of the gaming industry. He further said that both companies share the belief that blockchain technology can bring a sea change in the gaming industry by providing interoperable tools, easy-to-use playing methods, and mechanism for scaling consumer adoption.

Along with the other industries, the usage of blockchain technology in gaming is also on the rise. This presents an interesting opportunity for the blockchain industry to further speed up its adoption to other unconventional domains.

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