Ontology and GoWithMi to Collaborate for Developing Decentralized Location Based Services

GoWithMi, a location-based service which is decentralized, has gone ahead to joining hands with Ontology.

GoWithMi has formerly obtained investments from Ontology. Thus, it can be assumed that both the parties have decided that the time has come for them to partner up, to work together on decentralized location-based services as well as digital twin land rights. Their partnership is said to center on the use of blockchain for land management.

GoWithMi is said to receive $1 million in funding as a part of the deal. This is the latest addition to the long list of strategic liaisons for GoWithMi.

The company has already reached cooperations with China’s Beido Civil Center, South Asia’s largest travel sharing Company Grab, Indonesia’s largest O2O service platform Gojek, the biggest South Asian consumer lending company Akulaku, the largest Indonesian e-commerce company Shopee, a large Indonesian mobile advertising company Zoomy; along with a plethora of leading companies in the industry like Honda and Toyota.

 GoWithMi is responsible for consolidation of decentralized location-based services, Oracle and consensus maps. It is devoted to supplementing the key components which are absent, hindering with the need of blockchain adoption in real businesses.

This is what the company showcased in the 18th Asian Games’ Smart Map App in Indonesia back in 2018. The App designed was able to provide real-time navigation services to the users for the games they play. Application of blockchain in the real economy and upgrading entity businesses to a new age of programmable businesses is what the platform is trying to achieve.

In this collaboration with Ontology, GoWithMi will receive the much needed technical support, presenting both the parties, a chance to jointly work on the digitalization of the land rights on the Ontology public blockchain, along with co-marketing activities within Indonesian markets. By June of this year, ONT is expected to be officially added as a payment channel for the numerous users.

Location-based services which provide the connection between the virtual and real worlds are regarded as one of the three basic services of the internet. Both the companies will be formulating a plan which allows regional members to participate in the production, distribution, and management of information by working in cooperation to build the first cross-platform decentralized service infrastructure. This, in turn, will yield rewards for participation for the members in location-based services and others on chain governance and off chain activities.

This will help with negating the pain points of the industry, like the mandatory collection of data, ignorance of the data sharing rights, centralized data collection expenses, faulty real-time data updates and the imbalance of service quality.

GoWithMi has reached very calculated investment support from established investors and institutions, a good example being Dr. Chuang Tao, a global mapping expert, Leo Wang of the PreAngel Fund, Manzi Venture Capital, the largest IT group listed in Indonesia, Kresna, and the Consensus Lab. This sure sets a lot of expectations in the users for this integration.

The company has managed to achieve 1,200,000 plus downloads in just Indonesia and targets at attracting about 10,000,000 users within Southeast Asia this year.

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