Bitcoin Cash is Dying, and BSV is Worthless, Says Founder of

In a yet another controversial tweet, the creator of and, Cobra predicted that the Bitcoin Cash is in the process of dying. So that you know, Bitcoin Cash is an altcoin that has been created after the Bitcoin’s fork in the year 2017. In a tweet on January 19, Cobra declared the Bitcoin Cash a dead project with no real purpose or leadership. He further went on to predict that if Bitcoin Cash continues in this manner, it will have a value of 0$ in the next few years and will be ultimately forgotten from the crypto universe, just like some other altcoins.

Controversial Predictions

The prediction of the Cobra is not something new we have witnessed in the cryptocurrency world. The history is replete with the instances where many cryptocurrencies have disappeared from the crypto horizon due to the lack of leadership and purpose – the same reasons stated by Cobra in his prediction about Bitcoin Cash. Take, for example, the cryptocurrencies like Namecoin, Feathercoin, Bitshares, or Peercoin – all of which once dominated the cryptocurrency world having the place in the list of top 10 cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization – that have now vanished from the market. The reason behind their demise is the lack of focus from the top management as well as the absence of the real purpose for existence.

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

Cobra mentioned in his tweet that one of the most significant failures in the case of Bitcoin Cash is the lack of effective leadership. Taking the example of Bitcoin, Cobra observed that the longevity of the cryptocurrency and its long stint in the market now makes it free from hinges of the particular person or developer. However, Bitcoin Cash is relatively new and requires a strong team of developers and leaders which can lead the community in the right direction and provide it with a particular purpose for the existence. The strategy, direction, and vision for the future are some of the crucial requirements for the bright future of the Bitcoin Cash. In the cryptocurrency universe, Cobra has always come across as a controversial character that is known for voicing his opinions very bluntly and straightforwardly. In the past, he proposed that Bitcoin blockchain should implement PoS as a consensus algorithm and had also expressed his support for the Bitcoin Cash. Whatever predictions we have seen from the Cobra – no matter how controversial they are – have always been based on a solid foundation of logic and reasoning.

Opinion about BSV

On January 7, Cobra tweeted expressing his displeasure about BSV which he declared a “worthless shitcoin.” The tweet was aimed to deliver a message for all the people who consider that “BSV is real BCH.” In December last year, Cobra warned about the imminent devaluation of Bitcoin Cash and emphasized the need to change the “incompetent leaders” heading the project. Till now, no one from the leadership team of BSV or Bitcoin Cash has responded to the tweets of Cobra.

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