UNICEF Adds DAI to List of Accepted Cryptocurrencies

Slowly and steadily cryptocurrencies are witnessing a wider adoption with more and more organizations expressing their confidence in the use of digital coins. This even as many governments and most of the central banks continue to adopt a hostile stance towards digital assets. Today, reputable organizations like UNICEF are openly embracing the concept of blockchain technology and utilizing it fully to make its humanitarian efforts more productive and efficient.

Spreading Wings

For instance, take the example of France where the UNICEF has been spearheading the promotion of blockchain by accepting the donations via this technology in 2018. The organization is using at least ten blockchain platforms to accept donations and provide humanitarian aid. Now adding further, UNICEF has announced the integration of DAI in the list of its existing platforms.

The organization believes that the funds it is raising through the blockchain technology will positively impact the lives of the underprivileged and downtrodden sections of the society. To achieve this aim, it is putting the money into the research and development besides improving the existing network of infrastructure. UNICEF is also directly putting money in technology related to various digital currencies to assist the people facing brutal humanitarian situations in different parts of the globe. It is also inviting other cryptocurrency and blockchain technology developers to assist in suggesting novel solution for the problems organization is grappled with.

The UNICEF sees a lot of potential in the blockchain technology, and this explains why the agency is putting so many resources in training the youth on the various aspects of this open-ledger technology. Among the countries, Mexico has been tremendously benefited from the training programs and the blockchain technology is now contributing to solving many problems/issues in the country. In fact, 2018 was counted as one of the most defining years for the UNICEF in terms of its investment in the technology ventures. The organization allocated more than $100,000 thousand to different startups and this large scale investment testifies the interest of the agency in expanding and bringing more people under the ambit of blockchain technology. There is a need for collaboration between the blockchain industry and reputable organizations in the world. This new kind of evolving technologies can prove to be very efficient, safe, and reliable while capable of meeting the objective of the larger good of the society.

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