UN Partners with Doc.com to Offer Blockchain-based Services in Eastern Africa

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is reportedly going to partner with blockchain based medicine and psychology firm, Doc.com to expand the ambit of the healthcare services it offers free of cost across Eastern Africa. The news was reported by Cointelegraph which received an email from the United Nations on December 26. The details of the communication include a sealed official letter which has been signed by Amado Philip, representative of United Nations for Eastern Africa, expressing the willingness to corporate with Doc.com on the new project.

Just so you know, Doc.com is a blockchain based technology firm which offers 24X7 telepsychology and telemedicine platforms. These platforms use tokenized personal data for providing the medicinal and psychology services to the users. Under the new agreement with the United Nations, Doc.com is looking to roll out its blockchain based services in the African market by Q2 2019.
Global Ambitions

Until now, the company is operational in around 20 countries, and most recently it has opened its office in the United States. For its data and Healthcare ecosystem, the company uses MTC token which is ERC20 compatible and can be traded on several crypto exchange platforms including Kucoin and Coinbene. The company claims that it has a user base of over 130,000 for its telemedicine services while around 70,000 people have used its telepsychology platform called Emotions. Doc.com is also reportedly going to have an expansion spree this year as it plans to expand its services across many other states in the United States. March 2019 is the time by which the company intends to start its telemedicine service in the United Kingdom, and if things fall into place, it will foray into Asia by making its entry into India by year-end 2019. In addition to the expansion plans, Doc.com is seriously looking to develop its own Mainnet platform that will replace its dependence on currently used Ethereum-based token system. The company is also exploring the possibility to launch its subsidiary which will offer veterinary services based on blockchain platform in the United States by the Q2 2019. The subsidiary will be named doc Pets.

Blockchain Technology Spreading Wings

It is quite clear now that application of blockchain Technology is gaining traction across the sectors, especially the ones where the data security and privacy are of utmost importance. For example, in the genomics field the blockchain technology is not helping to keep the data safe and secure, but also rewarding and incentivizing by providing an equitable mean of monetizing for the generation. All around the globe, organizations are developing applications based on blockchain technology to enhance efficiency and reduce costs. The latest in the series is the blockchain technology trials conducted by a group of healthcare companies in the U.S. to reduce costs and simultaneously, improve data security and integrity.

As far as the United Nations is concerned, the agency is using blockchain technology to aid its humanitarian efforts for a long time now. It has used Ethereum-based blockchain to transfer the coupons to the refugees in Syria, besides using digital identification (based on blockchain) to combat the menace of child trafficking around the world.

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