Bosch Teams Up with IOTA to Launch New Data Collection IoT Device

Electronics giant Bosch has partnered with IOTA to integrate its new data collection Internet of Things (IoT) device with the IOTA Data Marketplace. With the aim to boost device connectivity, Bosch is helping drive IoT forward on a global level.

The IOTA Marketplace is a decentralized data marketplace that aims to make data available to any compensating party. Moreover, the Data Marketplace makes it possible to sell and access active data streams securely. An IOTA Data Marketplace user can either buy or sell Masked Authenticated Messaging (MAM) encrypted data.

IoT data is collected and traded in real time by programmable sensor devices like the Bosch Cross Domain Development Kit (XDK). The device combines sensor technology, data storage, and network technologies and connectivity standards so that users can collect data real-time and sell it on the IOTA marketplace.

However, until now, there had been the absence of open source code to connect the Bosch XDK sensor and the Iota ‘Tangle’ (the name for IOTA’s protocol). The introduction of XDK2MAM seems to have resolved it to a great extent. XDK2MAM is a well-documented and straightforward solution that connects the XDK to the IOTA Tangle through HTTP, MQTT, and BLE using encrypted MAM. MAM which enables data to be shared P2P through a secure, encrypted channel. Therefore, data subscribers can trust the source and integrity of data even though the identity of the source is kept hidden.

The IOTA protocol has witnessed several innovations during recent times. Last week, IOTA Foundation announced that it would be integrating IOTA tokens with Ledger Nano S hardware wallet. This would allow users to protect their private keys, giving access to their IOTA tokens in a special chip by isolating users’ keys from their computers or smartphones.

Back in August, Japanese ICT conglomerate Fujitsu launched an IOTA-based Proof-of-Concept (PoC) for audit trail processes in the manufacturing industry. As per the official announcement, the company would use the IOTA protocol as an ‘immutable data storage medium’ for audit trails across ‘industrial production environments and supply chains, with the aim to improve transparency, data trust, and data security.

Again in June, IOTA and Volkswagen demonstrated a PoC that uses IOTA Tangle for autonomous cars at the Cebit ‘18 Expo in Germany. The PoC enabled Volkswagen to use IOTA’s Tangle architecture to transfer software updates ‘over-the-air’ as part of the car manufacturer’s new ‘Connected Car’ systems.

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