iCandy Interactive Launches First Crypto Game—CryptantCrab

iCandy Interactive, a leading international digital entertainment company, has launched its first crypto-based web game— CryptantCrab.

CryptantCrab is a Blockchain player-versus-player (PVP) game centered around artistically designed crabs that players can ‘battle, mutate, collect and trade.’ The video game runs on the Ethereum blockchain and ‘pairs innovation with streamlined web-based UX for easy accessibility to everyone.’ Tokenizing the crabs means that they can gain value and be traded. It also gives players a sense of pride and ownership. All competitive and multi-player aspects are also on the blockchain.

As CryptantCrab runs on the ethereum platform, Ether (ETH) is needed to perform the various activities within the system—for buying, auctions, mutation, battles, and transactions.

The gaming platform comes with multiple possible combinations and a mutation system which allows players to have a hand in determining the look and powers of a crab, even after it is hatched, to create the ultimate CryptantCrab.

CryptantCrab is decentralized and truly exclusive to the user, which means that no one will be able to tamper with it, not even the developers!

Each Crab is classified as per different elements, like Fire, Earth, Metal, Spirit, and Water.

What is Cryptant?

Cryptant is the only material through which players can mutate crab parts. Procured through purchase or by battling others, each time a player tries to mutate a crab part, the crab will obtain experience points and improve as a fighter. Each mutation increases players’ chances to attain a legendary part that adds new enhanced abilities onto your CryptantCrab.

What is the Crab Heart?

At the core of each CryptantCrab is the beating heart of the crab. Each crab heart is unique to that crab and can never be altered. It comes with certain special traits and strengths which even the players are unaware of. But, it does go on to enhance specific traits of the CryptantCrab.

The Battle

In CryptantCrabs’ battle zone, players can mutate their crabs and then pit them in one-on-one combat against challengers. All hatched crabs have their own crab heart that strengthens the natural stats they have such as HP, DPS, Block, Elemental Damage, and Resistance.

All the victories and experience gained is recorded with the crab on the blockchain. With each battle, all crabs gain EXP while defenders earn Cryptant and attackers earn Trophies. This is one easy way to raise the overall stats of these virtual crabs.

How to start?

  1. 1. Install MetaMask Wallet and create an account.
  2. 2. Send Ether (ETH) to your wallet: If a player does not own ETH, he can purchase it directly through MetaMask or other exchanges. And in case, a player already has ETH on a personal wallet, he can transfer the required ETH to his MetaMask wallet address. Moreover, the player can also import his wallet credentials into MetaMask for future use. Of course, like any true collectible, players can sell some of their collection to earn back some Ether and get more CryptantCrabs.
  3. 3. Purchase your Crab and Cryptant.

In a blog post detailing the concept, the team behind CryptantCrab wrote:

“The way the game looks, thanks to the stylized art and stunning designs used, makes it more desirable than other blockchain-powered collectibles. This makes the collectible experience more attractive as the graphics will appeal to most gamers— be it hardcore or casual.”

iCandy Interactiv

iCandy Interactiv was incorporated as a public company in Australia on 20 March 2015. Its community includes access to more than 350 million gamers worldwide, largely distributed across North America, Europe, and Asia. The company strives to offer exciting mobile gaming and entertainment experiences to its global audience through a seamless digital ecosystem.

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