5 Crypto-Friendly Tourist Destinations You Must Visit

With the reach that cryptos have today, the list would undoubtedly include than five.


The world has never been the same since the dawning of cryptocurrencies. Payments which were horribly expensive and sluggish have become way faster and cheaper. And even though not every country has come to embrace the alternative payment method, still more are becoming more crypto-friendly by the day.

Here are five tourist destinations that you should include in your bucket list.


Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

The European continent is definitely the top on our list, especially that there is an ongoing art exhibition in France dedicated to Bitcoin and crypto as a whole. Named Bitcoin Art (r)evolution, the exhibit opened on September 28, and will be running until October 5, at 15 Avenue de Messine, Paris.

Consequently, Ukrainian crypto enthusiasts recently erected a statue of Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of bitcoin. The community, who call themselves members of the Satoshi Nakamoto Republic, decided to put up the statue on the same spot where Valadimir Lenin’s physical statue was put up before—at the intersection of Taras Shevchenko Boulevard and Kreschatik Street in Kiev. But Nakamoto’s statue can only be viewed on your smartphones, specifically through the Satoshi Nakamoto Republic app, which can be downloaded via App Store or Google Play.

And since you’re already in Europe, you can try skiing in Switzerland or stroll across Germany or Slovenia. You can also visit Malta and enjoy the picturesque beaches. Also, the crypto ATMs installed in different locations within the region will help you make your payments easy-peasy.

Bahamas And Bermuda

Beach in Bahamas

Aquamarine waters and vibrant tropics—who wouldn’t want to feel the pearly sands beneath your feet? Of course nobody in his right mind would pass up the opportunity to travel to the Bahamas and Bermuda.

These two Carribean island destinations are perfect if you’ve been dreaming of a perfect tan. Plus, they’re ultra-friendly to cryptos, especially that Bahamas is pushing to create its own crypto, and the British territory Bermuda is adjusting its regulations on ICOs.

Japan And South Korea

Sakuras in full bloom

The land of cosplays, animes, and gundams, is also the most crypto-friendly country in all of Asia. You won’t have to worry about paying for your hearty meal, as there are lots and lots of stores and businesses that accept bitcoins. You can take a picture near Mt. Fuji, or stand in the foliage of Sakuras.

In South Korea, you have lots of places to get lost at! You can drive south to Busan and Jeju Island and enjoy the view of the sea while traversing the roads. You can enjoy the lights in Seoul and worry not in transacting using cryptos. Even now, the country is revamping its laws to accommodate budding blockchain and crypto firms.

South Africa

Stellenbosch, South Africa

Perhaps you find Europe and Asia too overrated. No worries! You can visit South Africa, and enjoy its historic sights and lush flora and overwhelming fauna.


And if you’ve had enough sight-seeing of the African savannah, you can head over to Stellenbosch, one of the best-preserved towns since the reign of the Dutch East India Company. You won’t even have to worry about your crypto; these are not illegal in the country, and even though they are not “officially” recognized as legal tender, the country’s legislators are already working toward it.


Sydney Opera House

Last, but definitely not the least on our list is the country from Down Under. In terms of pristine beaches and vegetation, undisputed. With regard to wildlife, unquestionable—they have koalas! Who wouldn’t like koalas?

As to the crypto setting in Australia, the climate is very warm. Aussies are a crypto-loving people; all the more so for blockchain technology, the innovation that underpins digital currencies.

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5 Crypto-Friendly Tourist Destinations You Must Visit
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5 Crypto-Friendly Tourist Destinations You Must Visit
The world has never been the same since the dawning of cryptocurrencies. Payments which were horribly expensive and sluggish have become way faster and cheaper.
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