5 Travel Sites That Accept Cryptocurrency For Hotels & Flights

With cryptocurrency becoming ever more prevalent, it is now in the travel industry. Read about 5 websites that accept crypto for flights, hotels, and more.

Crypto Hotels

Cryptocurrency has made its presence in the travel and hospitality sectors. Crypto holders have the convenience of paying for hotel rooms, flights and car rental services with their cryptocoins, putting this yet-to-be widely accepted form of currency to use. The following list dives into the details of these travel/hospitality services and their benefits. While not all of these service providers accept altcoins just yet, they all utilize Bitcoin, and are surely to open their doors to other tokens and altcoins in the future, as the industry becomes fully mainstream.


CheapAirAccepting Bitcoin since 2013, Cheapair is the world’s first online travel agency to accept cryptocurrency. In late 2013, Cheapair accepted Bitcoin payments for booking flights and in the following year, it accepted Bitcoin to book hotels. Cheapair implements a shopping engine that searches the web for the most affordable prices on hotels, flights and car rentals. It acts as an intermediary between the hotel/car/flight company and the Cheapair customer(s), as such companies found for users via its search engine do not accept crypto. Rather it is solely Cheapair that accepts the crypto, acting as a connector to a host of third-party services that would have otherwise not been able to process the crypto payments. Cheapair primarily serves the U.S. market, but includes services for the international community as well.

Cheapair has expanded its cryptocurrency payment options, adding 3 altcoins as alternative forms of payment: Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC) and Dash (DASH).


Bitcoin.TravelAs its name suggests, Bitcoin.Travel is a travel agency that allows users to pay for services with bitcoins. The website fishes a list of flights and hotels that users can book through a number of its partners. The website is ideal for those on the go, as it allows users to see which merchants accept Bitcoin closest to them. Bitcoin.Travel was developed with the intention of being the largest resource for booking travels via Bitcoin. The website also provides a review engine and rating system for businesses and individuals that deal in Bitcoin. On its social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Reddit), Bitcoin.Travel posts updates about new travel businesses that accept Bitcoin.

Webjet Exclusives

Webjet ExclusivesAn Australian-based travel agency accepting Bitcoin since 2015, Webjet Exclusives provides booking for flights and cruises. It is the first Australian online travel agency to allow cryptocurrency as a payment option. Its website features worldwide destinations, including those in Africa, Europe, India, Scandinavia, China and many other areas. Webjet Exclusives specializes in arranging luxury tours, giving users the options of flights or cruises in their tour, or the two combined. Additionally, several of its tours include train and seaplane services in their bookings. Webjet Exclusives has partnered with BitPOS, a Bitcoin payment provider for merchants, to process Bitcoin transactions.

More Stamps Global

More Stamps GlobalOne of the more cryptocurrency-friendly online travel agencies, More Stamps Global accepts over 40 well-known cryptocurrencies. Based out of Hungary, it allows users to book flights, hotel rooms, car rentals, transfers and activities. Not only is this platform a more robust site for altcoin payments, but it is also a more thorough travel service, as it allows users to book almost an almost all-inclusive travel experience. For example, if a traveller wished to explore Rome, they have the option to book their flights, hotel stay, transfers and even sightseeing activities, all under a single platform. Users can search through a variety of worldwide destinations and do so in their language, as the site is available in over 50 languages. More Stamps Global accepts popular altcoins like Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Binance Coin (BNB) and more.


BTCTripFounded in 2013, BTCTrip is a New York-based travel agency that provides booking services for flights and hotels. It was designed as the go-to travel agency for the cryptocurrency community. The site scours through various partner sites to connect users with the cheapest flights and hotel rooms. BTCTrip is ideal for users who want to save money on the percentage fees that credit cards and some travel agencies charge for users to be able to buy products from the fiat economy with Bitcoin via proxy work.

The website charges customers 5-10% less than what tickets cost with credit cards. BTCTrip uses its customers’ Bitcoin to provide liquidity for a kind of multi-currency arbitrage, taking advantage of the inefficiencies in several Bitcoin and fiat exchange markets.

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5 Travel Sites That Accept Cryptocurrency For Hotels & Flights
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5 Travel Sites That Accept Cryptocurrency For Hotels & Flights
With cryptocurrency becoming ever more prevalent, it is now in the travel industry. Read about 5 websites that accept crypto for flights, hotels, and more.
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