What If Blockchain Was A High School Stereotype?

If blockchain was a someone you knew in high school, who would it be? Would it be part of the cool kids, the athletes or would it be the teacher’s pet, the class clown, the loser? It’s up to you to decide.


Blockchain is currently disrupting several industries. Things as we know it are now constantly being challenged by this new technology. So, let’s get to know some startups and platforms that have been shaped into their new diversified forms.

The Nerdy Jocks

What’s the one adjective that hollywood movies typically use to describe jocks? That’s right, dumb. Their hercules-ish strength and athletic cleverness seems to be only limited in the field of sports. Anywhere beyond that, the student-athletes becomes the dumb jocks.

BetOnChart-Blockchain is not your typical guy. Several blockchain-powered companies are disrupting the stereotypes teenage rom-com flicks has put on jocks in all aspects. Take for example BetOnChart, a unique platform smart enough to combine in-play sports betting with the dynamics of a live match. Basically, recreates a football match in the form of a chart that moves up or down depending on the present field situation through modern tech and the latest upgrades in the field of AI.

If there’s a nerdy jock, there’s also the people’s choice — not of vanity but because he puts other people first. Fanchain prizes its fans more than anything. This hybrid cryptocurrency provides a framework that rewards fans with a token for doing what they do best: talk about their favorite team. The tokens can be used within the sports ecosystem to unlock account upgrades or purchase goods or services, including digital goods for other fans.

The Van Goghs and Frida Kahlos

Most artists are painted as introverted, moody, and purely eclectic — even as teenagers in high school. If you’ve ever found yourself falling in love with either the artist or their works, you’d observe that there’s much more to that.

First, artists don’t just paint or draw, they also innovate. Platforms change and so, a painter’s canvas has evolved into a graphic tablet. There are tons of amazing digital art and you can even collect some limited editions at DADA.nyc. This website provides a decentralized market for artists and art connoisseurs alike, wherein you can reportedly purchase rare digital artworks with IP protection and proof of ownership.

According to the DADA.nyc website, the DADA art collection becomes permanently embedded in the blockchain and can no longer be modified. It continued:

“This allows a user to verify that there are indeed only a certain number of limited-edition DADA artworks, that the artwork you buy belongs to you, and that it was created by a specific artist.”

For Anne Bracegirdle, Associate Vice President and Specialist in the Photographs Department, there are six key benefits of blockchain for the art world:

  • Simplified transactions
  • Increased transparency
  • Increased trust
  • Increased security
  • Sharable, immutable data
  • Empowered users

The Musically Gifted

What if I told you blockchain has a voice? Would it be an angelic yet powerful voice or a rough yet seductive one fit for a rockstar? The enigma of contradictions doesn’t end with the previous jocks and artists, it also applies to the musically-inclined.

IMUSIFY-AUDIUSThere’s a lot of things going wrong with the traditional music-sharing industry, Audius claims. The blockchain-based music streaming platform voiced out that the problem roots from the lack of artist control and transparency. Audius goes beyond entertainment by giving artists a decentralized option through its blockchain-powered protocol. The platform enables them and their audience to openly interact with each other, liberating both from the constraints of conventional music.

On the other hand, imusify is the kid of a musician and an entrepreneur. imusify’s multifaceted music platform allows participants to list their products and services related to the creation, advertising, and business development of the creative content. It also has its own token called IMU that are used to the platform’s multi-layered, decentralized music economy.

According to their website, some of its perks would let you:

  • Crowdfund your own music project
  • Support your favorite artists
  • Discover new music
  • Stream favorite tracks
  • Collaborate with anyone anywhere
  • Get exclusive tickets to shows
  • Connect with fans
  • Get paid for creative services

The Geeks

Now, if you’re purely business-minded without the charm of a good singing voice since high school until now, then you might relate better with these social entrepreneurs.

Moni-GivethFintech startup MONI has created a card that is connected to a unique digital identity powered by blockchain technology. Thanks to this card, undocumented refugees in Europe can buy products, pay bills, and receive direct deposits from their employers. In 2016, Moni partnered with matchmaking startup Arctic 15, and non-profit Techfugees to run Newcomer Bootcamp, a business boot camp for refugees from Syria, Iraq, and Somalia. Together, they provided basic training in setting up and running a business in Western Europe, particularly Finland.

Another project made possible by blockchain technology is Giveth. What it does is enable people to give to the movements they believe in via blockchain. The donations are stored on its immutable Ethereum-based blockchain that lets people track their donations in real-time and know who receives the money and why.

Charitable social enterprises like these aims to change the way we picture business as a cold-hearted and self-serving industry.

Graduating From The Class Of Stereotypes

the-breakfast-clubThe world will never run out of stereotypes. That’s a fact. But if you think stereotypes will be stereotypes forever, then that’s a lie you shouldn’t buy. A guy named Charles Darwin proved that people evolve. And this thing called blockchain asserts that even industries do to. The tradition in which both people and industries were born into will always be there, but it will continue to shift, transform, and grow until those kids you know in high school graduate from the jocks, artists, musicians, and geeks they used to be.

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What If Blockchain Is A High School Stereotype?
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What If Blockchain Is A High School Stereotype?
If blockchain is a someone you knew in high school, who would it be? Would it be part of the cool kids, the athletes or was it the teacher’s pet, the class clown, the loser? It’s up to you to decide.
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