5 Advantages Of Using Cryptocurrency As A Financial Instrument

Despite its risks, cryptocurrency has several trump cards that aid users and institutions alike. Read about the top financial 5 advantages of investing in and using cryptocurrencies.

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Despite its expansive reach and weighty market cap, the cryptocurrency industry has been afflicted by money laundering, fraud and other setbacks, including financial troubles for the everyday folk. So what draws people to cryptocurrency? These are the top 5 fiscal advantages cryptocurrency offers.

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The cryptocurrency industry has become a leading sphere in the world of alternative currencies, having generated a market capitalization that surpassed $600 Billion in 2017 and currently retains a market cap in the hundred billions. People across the globe are investing in cryptocurrency, even in the developing parts of the world, which includes a bevy of African nations. Unfortunately, the cryptocurrency sphere has been wracked by various predicaments and problematic actors. These include terrorists, fraudsters, money launderers and other criminals. These unsavory types give rise to ransomware scams, Dark Web trading and other illegal activities.

There are also the internal risks that cryptocurrency bears: no middleman to turn to should assets be lost and no one to retrieve stolen funds. However, despite these issues, cryptocurrency carries a wealth of advantages, with financial ones being the principal kinds. Here are the top 5 such advantages.

Business Transactions

Business TransactionsCrypto transactions are a relief to business matters, which traditionally involved a network of people and a mounting complexity for the senders of the money. The entanglement of brokers, agents, and legal representatives has made transactions far more complicated than they needed to be, not to mention more expensive. Unlike traditional business transactions which are bombarded with brokerage fees, commissions, paperwork et al., cryptocurrency provides the benefit of simplicity. This because crypto transactions are one-on-one occurrences. There is no need for a middleman on a peer-to-peer foundation. This means there is no pondering who must pay whom, a greater establishment of audit trails and more accountability. With only two parties involved, there is no uncertainty.

Easy International Trading

Easy International TradingExcept for Japan, cryptocurrency is not legal tender anywhere in the world, and for the purpose of using cryptocurrency as a legal instrument, this is a good thing. Cryptocurrency is expedient to international trading, given that it is not liable to interest rates, transactions charges, exchange rates or other fees foisted on by an individual country. Cryptocurrency also avoids discord between people who trade cross-border, in that a cryptocurrency’s price does not alter from country to country. Crypto is decentralized, thereby it maintains the same valuation globally. The only monetary differences to arise are from those of fiat currencies being used to trade in for the crypto. International traders will not have to worry about their altcoins being subject to exchange fluctuations.

Privacy In Transactions

Privacy In TransactionsCryptocurrency supplies a layer of privacy for users during its transactions, which can easily be distinguished from what they undergo in a traditional payment system. In traditional payment processing, such as a cash or credit system, a user’s transaction history may be used as a reference for the involved credit agencies or banks. For individuals, this may mean a check on their balances to confirm fund sufficiency. For business-related transactions, there may be a more exhaustive scrutiny of the financial history. Cryptocurrency is favorable in the case of transaction privacy in that each transaction that is made is a unique exchange between two parties, which have the power to negotiate and agreed upon their own terms. The exchange of information occurs on a push basis, meaning users can transmit only what they want to the recipient and nothing more, safeguarding the privacy of their financial history.

Strong Security

Strong SecurityA cryptocurrency transfer cannot be reversed once the funds have been validated by the miners on a blockchain, whereas credit card companies can partake in the chargeback of transactions. The irreversible nature of cryptocurrency transactions serves as a preventative measure against fraud. It dictates that a buyer and seller must come to an agreement as far as a refund is concerned. For instance, in the case of a mistake or to go towards a refund. Also owing to the strong security found within crypto is the robust encryption techniques embedded across the blockchain. These features further protect against account tampering and provide consumer privacy.

Individual Ownership

Individual OwnershipPlausibly the most advantageous aspect of cryptocurrency as a financial tool is its guarantee of individual ownership. In a banking system or credit agency, the stewardship of a holder’s assets rests within a third party which can exercise an exorbitant amount of power over the holder’s assets. The third party can close an account within a moment’s notice or without any warning whatsoever. This is the typical case for breaches of a financial institution’s Terms of Service. The account closure alone is a hassle, but it leads to another drawback: that of undergoing obstacles just to retrieve the closed account and lost access to funds. On the contrary, in a cryptocurrency system, an individual (or institution, depending on the holder(s) of a crypto wallet), is the sole owner and sole accessor of the private encryption key. Thus, no one can take any action against or towards a crypto holder’s funds.

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5 Advantages Of Using Cryptocurrency As A Financial Instrument
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5 Advantages Of Using Cryptocurrency As A Financial Instrument
Despite its risks, cryptocurrency has several trump cards that aid users and institutions alike. Read about the top financial 5 advantages of investing in and using cryptocurrencies.
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