Top 5 New Blockchain Projects

Discover the blockchain projects that span beyond the implementation of Bitcoin and Ether. See the five blockchain endeavors that show just how far beyond recording crypto this ledger can go.

Blockchain Startup

2018 is in full swing, but the year is not over yet. In the inventive space of blockchain technology, new projects are constantly being carried out, with new companies bursting onto the fintech scene, seeking to allure the public and drive ICO capital. There is a tidal wave of blockchain projects in the fintech space, with most built on the Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchain, without distinct networks or functions. There are also plenty of blockchain ventures in development or already produced, with unique properties not found in previous undertakings. Here are five blockchain projects worth discovering this year.

Ramping Up Blockchain Innovation

1. Menlo One

Menlo OneDeveloped as a framework for producing decentralized apps (DApps), Menlo One provides developer tools for easy building of DApps. It is predicated on working with the speed of a traditional web app, enabling the 3.0 generation of apps to be as fast and adequate as their centralized predecessors.

The platform also aims to accelerate social media platforms and other marketplaces in a web 3.0 environment. Menlo One provides developers with a distributed database, a proof of reputation algorithm and tools for transactions and governance, thereby canceling out any need for them to build from scratch. The platform was designed to not rely on administrators and censors, and to not possess a single point of failure.

2. Gameflip

GameflipGenerated through a Silicon Valley venture capital, Gameflip brings a crypto token and a blockchain project all under one marketplace. Gameflip is a decentralized ecosystem that allows gamers to transact with publishers. The Flip token was developed by gaming experts for gamers to buy and sell digital goods on the Gameflip network.

The network has accrued over 2 million users worldwide and has dealt in millions of dollars’ worth of digital goods being transacted on a monthly basis. The platform gives gamers full ownership of their digital items, through the use of the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts. Gamers on the platform can trade their digital goods for cash or items from different games. Game publishers are compensated with commissions from every transaction.


Patron ICOBased out of Japan, PATRON is one of the country’s leading blockchain companies. It employs the blockchain for influencer marketing collaborations. The decentralized platform is set on removing the inefficiencies that pop up in the fields of branded content and social media. It specifically targets those who work in these industries and are involved with influencers.

PATRON acts as an intermediary between influencers and the brands that seek to work with them, providing a platform through which they can work together. Influencers can earn more, while brands can save money on their influencer campaigns through the company’s PATRON token to pay for sponsorships. The platform uses Ethereum’s smart contracts which wipe out the high costs of agency fees. When a sponsorship deal is confirmed, influencers are paid more quickly. Essentially, the platform powers deals between influencers and companies to be more efficient.

4. TraDove

TraDoveTraDove is the developer of fast and light B2B blockchain payment network, created for international transactions. Its ICO raise of $52 Million has positioned the company as the operator of one of the highest grossing ICOs of 2018. It also launched the world’s first B2B token, the BBCoin.

TraDove’s signature product is a leading B2B social platform on the blockchain. It has become one of the largest and fastest growing B2B global buyer-seller networking service. The platform works to surmount the challenges in the B2B space, such as the lack of transparency, difficulty in discovering buyers and sellers, and limited trust in international trade. TraDove uses social network functions like endorsements and references to verify users and mitigate the time spent on due diligence.

5. Celsius Network

Celsius NetworkA fintech startup, Celsius Network is disrupting the blockchain space with a platform that offers banking services in conjunction with cryptocurrencies. The platform provides users a way to borrow, deposit and earn interest with cryptocurrency, actions not available in traditional banks. By way of the platform, users can earn up to 5% in interest on their cryptocurrency and take out loans at a 9% interest rate.

The network allows users to apply their crypto as collateral. The company also offers a wallet service and a tracker for users to monitor a variety of altcoins. The company has a lofty goal with its blockchain project: to draw in the next 100 million people into the cryptocurrency community.

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Top 5 New Blockchain Projects
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Top 5 New Blockchain Projects
Discover the blockchain projects that span beyond the implementation of Bitcoin and Ether. See the five blockchain endeavors that show just how far beyond recording crypto this ledger can go.
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