Robinhood Brings Out New Tools For Customers

Zero-fee trading platform Robinhood looks to score more points in the crypto trading world with the release of new tools on their app to help customers.


In a blog post published on September 4, zero-fee trading platform Robinhood revealed the launch of several new tools and features on their mobile app to help boost customer experience. Let’s go take a look at their brand-new toys.

Bring On The Candlestick Charts!

After many requests to add candlestick charts to their app, Robinhood has finally rolled the functionality out. The firm reveals that the candlestick chart feature will become available to stock, options, and cryptocurrency pages on mobile within the next few weeks.

Candlestick charts can help investors understand price movements. While a simple line chart only shows the close price, each candlestick shows four critical pieces of information every investor needs: the open, high, low, and close price during a certain time period.

Research And Discovery Tools

To help investors make well-informed investing choices, Robinhood is also releasing several more web features to the mobile app.

These include some user favorites like:

Analyst Ratings. Let’s users read commentary on cryptocurrencies and view the buy, hold, and sell ratings from Wall Street analysts.
People Also Bought. Lets the user discover what other people purchased on Robinhood. This also includes competitors, suppliers, and more.
About. Find out more about companies.

A spokesperson from Robinhood commented on the new features, saying:

“Bringing this feature to Robinhood will significantly improve the customer experience and help investors make better-informed decisions. This is in line with our mission to provide investors with the best financial products at the lowest cost.”

RobinhoodThe firm has generated a lot of buzz since launching their crypto trading services in January of this year, with more than a million signing up within the first five days of their launch.

Robinhood currently claims more than 5 million customers, with the firm claiming to be “one of the biggest cryptocurrency trading platforms in the U.S.”

Robinhood users can invest in several cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin cash, dogecoin and ethereum classic, and use the app to monitor the performance of other cryptocurrencies.

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