Walmart’s New Blockchain-based Delivery System Involves Robots

Will deliveries be better and faster with robots?


U.S. retailer Walmart Stores Inc. has filed another patent for a delivery system powered by blockchain, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (UPSTO) published in an official document on August 30.

Robotic Blockchain

walmartThe patent entitled “Systems, Devices, and Methods for In-Field Authenticating of Autonomous Robots” seeks to provide an “in-field authenticating of autonomous robots” to ensure secure deliveries. It was filed by the Arkansas-based company on January this year.

In other words, blockchain-controlled robots will be responsible for delivering packages throughout the supply chain. According to the USPTO document, the machines will be armed with wireless technology that will allow them to communicate and authenticate each other’s identities.

The patent details:

“[i]n exemplary embodiments, two autonomous electronic devices, such as delivery drones or household autonomous robots, can authenticate each other using embodiments of security procedures described herein.”

Bigger, Badder Security System

Walmart is known for utilizing blockchain for making self-governing technologies “more affordable and available for use.” This, however, can make blockchain susceptible to cyber attacks.

Through its new blockchain innovations, Walmart will turn it around by developing a way for autonomous robots to verify each other; which will then create a tougher security system to protect the electronic devices. Clients will also be enabled to access the blockchain system to track their orders.

Walmart explains in its patent application:

“Updates to the blockchain may comprise authentication signals or identification information, and one or more nodes on the system may be configured to incorporate one or more updates into blocks to add to the distributed database.”

Preceding this latest patent, the retail giant has also applied to patent smart appliances as well as a system for medical records, both powered by blockchain.

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