Esports Goes Mobile With MEGAFANS New Tokenized Platform

Mobile game developer MEGAFANS looks to bring the world of esports to mobile games, with tokenized prices up for grabs.


MEGAFANS announced in a press release published on August 31 by PRNewswire that the firm is developing its first esports tournament platform for mobile games. The platform will allow players worldwide to compete on their mobile devices.

MEGAFANS new platform is different from other esports platforms, with the firm offering mobile tournaments for prizes and holding streaming and destination location events, allowing them to combine several forms of digital gaming. The firm is the first mobile esports platform to integrate daily fantasy sports into its business model. The integration allows for a cross-platform experience for both gamers and observers.

Jeff Donnelley, CEO of MEGAFANS, said in a statement that:

“The digital games market already knows that competitive esports for prize pools is an emerging growth market so, offering that type of product on every mobile device in the world with tokenized prizes and exploiting this growth channel is an amazing opportunity. We are glad to be the first platform to figure this out in a unique way.”

MegafansMEGAFAN’s platform will use a mix of fiat and cryptocurrencies for security purposes and to get around international currency issues that are slowing down the growth of e-commerce globally.

To make this dream a reality, MEGAFANS is also building their first model for a GRM, or Gamer Relationship Management.

Donnelley talks about the firm’s plans, saying that:

“We understand that our customers, gamers, and developers alike, are the core of the mobile game industry, so we will be gamer-centric in every aspect of this business, listening and reacting to our players and partners.”

MEGAFANS is currently entertaining possible partnerships with other game developers, studios, and fintech solution providers to take advantage of the projected growth in the mobile gaming industry, which is speculated to hit $72 Billion in revenues by the year 2020.

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