Birth Certificates On Blockchain? Indian State Governments Say Yes

Two local governments in West Bengal, India are moving to streamline their administrative systems with blockchain technology, as both municipalities launch their blockchain platforms that issue legal documents such as birth certificates.

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The Banukara Municipal Corporation and Durgapur Municipal Corporation in West Bengal, India have announced they are integrating the application for birth certificates on a new blockchain platform designed by, a Netherlands-based firm.’s CEO Arun Kumar says there is an urgent need to overhaul the current systems being used, adding that government agencies in the country are still in the position where they require citizens standing in front of an agent with their IDs to be able to access basic services.

In a talk with crypto news outlet CCN, Kumar stated that the platform is ready for launch and both municipalities can start issuing birth certificates and other legal documents to citizens by September of this year. Kumar expects 1 million birth certificates will be placed on the blockchain by the end of the year.

IndiaThe platform works using the LYNK token as the native token of the platform, and citizens can use the token to make applications. specializes in ID verification using its app that also includes a digital wallet that can be used to store personal information such as those contained in passports, medical records, academic degrees, and driver’s licenses which can be safely and securely verified using blockchain technology. The platform uses a QR code to connect users to their legal records stored on the blockchain. This reduces time and money spent on ID verification tasks.

While the country is still leery of cryptocurrencies, it has embraced blockchain in a big way, establishing a blockchain district and providing regulatory support for startups. The government has also revealed plans to use blockchain technology to reduce corruption and increase transparency.

Other countries have also started implementing blockchain ID verification programs. The US, Australia, and China have all started using this to some degree.

The adoption of blockchain technology continues across the globe, with many countries implementing blockchain solutions for many projects. While experts think that it is still too soon to tell if these systems will be successful, the continued adoption of blockchain is a pretty strong vote for the nascent technology.

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