First Brazilian Bitcoin Hostel Opens To Accept Crypto

A hostel in Brazil has recently welcomed tourists to their cryptocurrency-themed hostel in the historic city of Paraty, about 260 kilometers away from São Paulo.


Brazilian architect and engineer, Alessandro Santos unveiled Hostel Bitcoin to the public on August 16. According to Portal do Bitcoin, a local news outlet, Santos decided to invest in an inn with a Bitcoin theme after after staying in Paraty for more than three years.

HOSTEL-BITCOINAll the services that the hostel offers, from daily meals to tour packages, the customers can pay with cryptocurrency. Santos, a self-described bitcoin enthusiast himself, decided to accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment after realizing that most foreigners who visit the city and are interested in it.

He told Portal do Bitcoin:

“I am well on the route of the waterfalls, where several jeeps pass daily with these tourists and the attention they give to the theme is notorious,” he explained. “Some even ask the jeeps to stop to take photos of the inn.”

Initially, the hostel will only accept Bitcoin. However, it will eventually accept XRP, Monero, and “and what else we can get through a simple account of an exchange like Bitrex.” There are plans, Santos shared, to sell Bitcoin at the inn but he “still can not speak [about it] because of a confidentiality agreement.”

Santos aims to lead a movement to promote the acceptance of cryptocurrency in Rio de Janeiro through Hostel Bitcoin. He added:

“I believe that, having a good acceptance, we will be able to expand to the other inns and restaurants in the city,”

On the other hand, cryptocurrency has also extended its reach in Brazil’s transport sector. Two bus companies under the GBS Group, Brasil Sul and Viação Garcia, are now accepting Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Litecoin (LTC) as payment.

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