Blockchain Development Competition “Blockbattle” Set To Broadcast On Asia Economy TV This Fall

A new reality television series and contest called Blockbattle, seeks to find the new Satoshi Nakamoto and will air on Asia Economy TV this October.

Blockchain blueprint

A reality show premised on a blockchain development contest titled “Blockbattle — Who’s the Next Satoshi,” is going to air on Asia Economy TV this October. The contest will feature crypto-development teams from around the world, as they compete to build the best distributed ledger. Teams who are interested in participating in the contest must apply at the official website by September 5.

Blockchain Development Judged by the Masses

Blockbattle will broadcast 5 episodes, in which users can vote for their favorite team in real-time. Viewers will judge the development teams with the purpose of crowning the winner as the next Satoshi Nakamoto. The honor is a nod to Nakamoto, the pseudonym for the person or group that founded Bitcoin and the first blockchain.

Besides for viewers, the show will include a lineup of preliminary judges, including members from Korea University, Dongguk University, Korean Blockchain Industry Association, Open Blockchain Association, and the Korea Blockchain Association.

The show will also feature notable figures in the cryptocurrency industry such as Damian Williams of the Alchemist ventures, Rayol Hwang of Hillstone Partners, Roger Ver of, Lee Shin-Hye of GBIC, and others. The industry leaders will mentor the development teams, the members of which will also receive other benefits.

Blockbattle announced how the closing portions of the competition will pan out, citing how many teams will be selected and the nature of the rest of the contest:

“After the screening, ten projects will qualify for the finals. They will go through a series of presentations, one-on-one battles, and other team competitions,” stated the Blockbattle announcement.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in the Spotlight

PaparazziBitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry at large, have been gaining media attention, not only in the news, but in television productions, particularly in the Asian and American regions. In Japan, “Bitgirls” was broadcasted on Tokyo MX TV; it is a show that relied on cryptocurrencies for voting. In the United States, a similar trend is taking precedence, with “Bitcoin: Boom or Bust,” a new CNBC documentary that investigates the cultic nature of Bitcoin.

“Startup” by Sony Pictures Television, a show that features the dealings of a cryptocurrency startup has been renewed for a third season this past May. Jason Appleton, a crypto Youtuber, announced on Monday that he will launch a television series funded by Bitcoin on CBS, the CW and Roku, which is projected to reach to over 47 million homes. This will be the first TV series fully-funded by Bitcoin.

Blockbattle will air on October 19th on Asia Economy TV in Korea, China, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. The YouTube channel Coincast will stream live episodes of the show. The final episode will air on November 19th, with a live broadcast and an announced winner based on the voting results.

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