Ibinex All Systems Go With New Platform Version, Forges Ahead With Australian Blockchain Group

The firm that says "The Future of Crypto Exchanges Is Here" continues to lead the way with the launch of their platform's newest version, and membership in the Australian Digital Commerce Association.


Ibinex, a creator of white-label solutions for cryptocurrency exchanges and of cryptocurrency trading software, just announced two milestones: the launch of their platform’s newest version and the firm’s membership with the Australian Digital Commerce Association.

Bringing A New Brand Of Customer Management For Crypto Exchanges

Simon Grunfeld, Ibinex Founder and CEO
Simon Grunfeld, Ibinex Founder and CEO

The Founder and Executive Director of Ibinex, Simon Grunfeld, revealed that the platform’s new version features a fully integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system, helping exchanges in organizing customer data. The new platform also sports an improved version of the firm’s KYC/AML systems, better liquidity connections, and finally, an improved user interface.

Ibinex is putting greater emphasis on transparency, Grunfeld says, and the firm has published the identities of the people on its management team and released details of its three-year roadmap. The firm has also released its white paper earlier this August.

Grunfeld is understandably excited about the launch, saying:

“Ibinex’s new site is live, proudly displaying our v2 platform, leadership, licenses, our regulatory status(s) and our plans for the future.”

Australia And Beyond

Aside from these exciting changes, Ibinex also recently joined the Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA). The ADCA is a non-profit blockchain advocacy group that wants to turn Australia into a leading blockchain economy.

ADCAThe ADCA’s website boasts of 58 member firms, including such names as American multinational firm Johnson & Johnson, computer manufacturing titan IBM, and now, Ibinex Financials Estonia OU.

According to Grunfeld, membership in the ADCA is a part of the firm’s strategy to join organizations that focus on the adoption of blockchain and innovation across all sectors of the crypto economy.

Ibinex also boasts of being the first cryptocurrency company to become a member of the Financial Commission, a self-regulatory organization for the foreign exchange sector. The FC maintains a presence in both Hong Kong and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Grunfeld also heads the FC’s ICO Certification Committee, and Ibinex offers a 30-day ICO launch programme as well.

Grunfeld says that their Estonian license and the memberships in two important organizations only mark the beginning of the firm’s regulatory journey, and Ibinex plans to gain licenses in the US and Asia.

First launched as a service providing access to Bitcoin liquidity to foreign exchange companies, Ibinex was first headquartered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The firm has since expanded and maintains a presence in New York, Israel, Panama, Estonia, and Manila.

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