App Facilitating Bitcoin Cash Transactions Through Pictures Goes Live

Pixel Wallet recently went live, and even the experts are loving it.


After roughly a month of being on its testnet, Pixel Wallet recently released its live version, allowing users to conceal their Bitcoin Cash transactions in a selfie.

In an exclusive interview with Ibinex News, the Pixel Wallet team said on August 21 that they are already preparing to file a patent for the recent invention. Through a process called steganography, the Pixel Wallet app allows users to hide their Bitcoin Cash transactions in plain sight by using pictures.


pixel-walletMany experts are astounded with the innovation, as tweeted its gratitude to the team “for helping people use Bitcoin Cash creatively,” and Dr. Craig Wright, Chief Scientist at nChain verifying that it is indeed good.

As a matter of fact, is popularizing the #SelfieBCH to show its support to the app, as well as to express kudos to the team that gave birth to it.

According to the Pixel Wallet team, the technology could also be used for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc., but they intend to stick with Bitcoin Cash only as they see it to be the top choice in the future.

The team expounded:

“We believe in Bitcoin Cash and see it as the future of global cash. Many altcoins will have no long-term value [so] we decided to dedicate our time to [realizing] Satoshi [Nakamoto’s] vision and the Bitcoin whitepaper.”

As of the moment, the app supports PNG files, even though the team said that they are coming up with a way to support JPEG as well as other formats in the future.

An Array Of Use Cases

The app serves as a very secure way to process Bitcoin Cash transactions, as these photos can be sent so casually on social media platforms like Viber, Skype, Telegram, Discord, Google Hangouts, WeChat, among others. However, the team advises the users to make sure that the image is not resized, so as to not tamper with the intricate steganographic technology that the app is using.

The technology can be used for an array of use cases like sending transactions through email, verifying identity for know-your-customer (KYC), as well as product rebates and promotions.

Those processing selfie transactions could even send them through social media sites with the world not having a single clue! In fact, one Twitter user made a puzzle game through the use of the technology.

Users are given the option to include a password for their transactions to make sure that nobody save for the intended recipient would have access to the transaction hidden in the picture.

Those who tried the app in its test phase are encouraged to download the live version, which is available on the Google Play Store, even though the team is planning to release an iOS version as well in the coming days.

For further inquiries regarding the app, you may contact the Pixel Wallet team through their Twitter account. Otherwise, you can download the app on Google Play Store by clicking here.

In the meantime, you can check out our previous article here on our cryptocurrency news site which explains in detail how the Pixel Wallet app would streamline cryptocurrency adoption.

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