Marketing Startup Atlas Protocol Receives Multi-Million Aid From Financing Titans

At last, Atlas Protocol won’t be needing to carry the weight of the world on its shoulders any longer.


Blockchain-based advertising and marketing startup Atlas Protocol (ATP) announced yesterday, August 21, that it has secured a seed round of multi-million-dollar investment courtesy of notable investment firms such as SB China Venture Capital (SBCVC) and Baidu Ventures (BV).

All the investors, including Danhua Capital (DHVC) and Fenbushi Digital, concur that the said startup will bring about disruptive innovations to interactive marketing and advertising in the blockchain ecosystem.

A New Tokenized Frontier

atlas-protocolAtlas Protocol is composed of former Google employees who have a thorough understanding of its vision and mechanism. Created by Nebulas Labs and xGoogler Blockchain Alliance (xGBA), the project intends to create a technical infrastructure which will streamline the interactive advertisement blockchain ecosystem, as well as construct a new paradigm of interactive marketing.

Duran Liu, Co-Founder of Atlas Protocol and former Google employee, said that blockchain is a value network, and that Nebulas Rank offers a means to gauge the value of multidimensional data in the blockchain.

Liu added:

“The core algorithm of Atlas Protocol is based on the expanded Nebulas Rank. it will create a trustworthy new marketing channel and define a new tokenized marketing frontier.”

Nebulas Rank is “the quantification of an account’s contribution to the blockchain system after considering many different metrics,” its white paper read. In other words, the system allows users to measure the value of apps and information by considering many relevant factors such as the liquidity and propagation of smart contracts and application-based addresses. This will be one of the chief foundations of Atlas Protocol.

The Next Google Ads?

Another foundation is the xGoogler Blockchain Alliance, which is basically comprised of many former Google employees who offer valuable insight into the internet advertising industry. Some of the members are Duran Liu, Cheng Li, Hitters Xu, Ellen Wang, along with Jeremy Zhou, who was the first engineer of Google AdWords.

Every investor backing the startup is impressed with the alliance, with Professor Shoucheng Zhang, Founding Chairman of Danhua Capital, saying that “the healthy development of the blockchain ecosystem in the long term requires an outstanding team to truly energize the whole industry.”

And what a team xGoogler Blockchain Alliance is.

Mervin Zhou, a partner of SBCVC, believes that Atlas Protocol is in a pivotal position to become “the next Google Ads” in the world of blockchain. Also, he does not discount the possibility of interactive advertisement marketing becoming the next unicorn in the blockchain world.

In conclusion, all the investors agree that the startup will have the opportunity to foster a blockchain adtech alliance, to remove information discrepancies in the ecosystem, and to create more traffic and users into the blockchain sphere.

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