Get Ready For Blockchain Seoul 2018

All eyes in the blockchain world will be on Seoul, South Korea from 16-19 September 2018, as the city plays host to one of the largest conferences in South Korea — Blockchain Seoul.

PR Newswire reports on August 22 that the biggest blockchain conference in South Korea, Blockchain Seoul, will be held on September 16-19, 2018.

The summit is officially sponsored by the Metropolitan Seoul Government and is organized by the Korean National Assembly of the 4th Industrial Revolution Forum, along with Money Today Media Group, ZDNet, and Korea Blockchain Association.

Talking Blockchain

SeoulThe conference will feature three big events: the B7 Summit, B7 CEO Summit, and Blockchain Expo. The B7, or Blockchain 7, refers to the top 7 countries leading the way in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The countries include Switzerland, Estonia, Singapore, and South Korea among their ranks. Cecilia Mueller-Chen, the Manager of Crypto Valley Association will be present, along with Asse Sauga, the CEO of Estonian Crypto Association, and President Chia Hock Lai from the Singapore FinTech Association.

The B7 CEO Summit takes place on September 17 and features the world’s seven most powerful blockchain projects, with talks about the growth of blockchain and how crypto innovation can be encouraged. With Kathleen Breitman from Tezos and Professor Dawn Song from Oasis Labs speaking, the summit will surely provide useful insights about the global blockchain industry.

Another highlight is Blockchain EXPO. The expo expects to have over 20,000 guests and will provide a cost-effective and efficient way to build up their Korean blockchain community.

Hee-Kyung Song, Co-President of the Korean National Assembly of the 4th Industrial Revolution Forum and a member of the National Assembly expressed optimism about the upcoming summit, saying:

“Blockchain Seoul 2018 will provide a platform where international funds, entrepreneurs, investors, and developers can collaborate and partner with one another to discuss the ways in which the global blockchain and cryptocurrency projects can further be developed and fostered for the growth of its industry.”

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