Toshi Goes Coinbase: Call It Coinbase Wallet

Toshi, the open source Decentralized App browser and wallet, is officially going native, and will now be called Coinbase Wallet.

In a Medium post published on August 15, it was announced that Toshi was rebranding into Coinbase Wallet. The move may signal more changes as the wallet will develop more functionality than current crypto wallets.

Toshi = Coinbase Wallet

TOSHIThe wallet will initially offer support for Ethereum and other ERC-20 tokens, with support for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin expected to come soon.

The wallet also lets users access decentralized exchanges, use third-party DApps, buy and store crypto collectibles and receive airdrops and tokens from ICOs.

Coinbase says that users can store their private keys within their devices, instead of on an external server, and the key will be secured using the device’s built-in security features, such as “secure enclave” and biometric authentication.

Yesterday, crypto news sites reported that Coinbase had acquired digital identity firm Distributed Systems, in a bid to develop decentralized identity solutions. Coinbase’s acquisition puts it in the enviable position of being in the lead on building a bridge between offline identity and the rising decentralized economy of the future.

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