Soccer Association UEFA Kicks Off Triumphant Blockchain Ticketing Trial

Soccer fans, beware. UEFA’s blockchain-based ticketing app may be more convenient and safer than your coveted paper tickets. Sentimental value may not apply (unless you’re a blockchain enthusiast).


The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has just reported the conclusion of the “successful” trial of their mobile ticketing app, Thursday.

The goal, according to the soccer body, is to make ticket sales process for matches more simple and safe. Meanwhile, the new system aims to provide secure ticket distribution as well as prevent replication and duplication of tickets.

UEFA-logoThey tested the app for the first time at this week’s UEFA Super Cup match between Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid in Tallinn.

UEFA distributed 100 percent of the match tickets sold to the public via a blockchain-based dedicated iOS and android app. They also said on their website that the ticket distribution system also works together with mobile Bluetooth devices at the entrances of the football stadium.

The trial follows the successful application of the new system for the Lyon Final wherein the soccer association was able to “increase the distribution system” for the people buying tickets for this year’s Super Cup match in Estonia.

UEFA also announced in their website:

“[We] will continue to develop the system further, with the aim of using it at future.”

UEFA’s blockchain integration follows the steps of other associations in the sports industry. Oak View Group, a premier sports association, partnered with WENN Digital to create a platform that would cater to sports photographers and enthusiasts; allowing them to upload their photos on the KODAKOne Platform.

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