Brings Bitcoin Cash To The Freelancers Market

A new freelancer's marketplace just launched three days ago, and the creators of the site have gone with the idea of having all payments utilize Bitcoin Cash.


A new freelancer’s marketplace called was launched on August 13, with the platform allowing people to buy and sell services for only $5. The new website is already seeing a large number of listings since its launch, and all payments, whether inbound or outbound, are made using Bitcoin Cash.

Just Pay $5 In Bitcoin Cash

BCHUsers just have to register with a valid email and they can either add a listing or browse through the wide array of services available on The sections include listings for services such as tech, fun & lifestyle, business, digital marketing, graphics and design, writing and translation, video & animation, music & audio, programming.

The website’s creators say that the charity EatBCH inspired them to create a platform to help boost the freelancing economy with a small fraction of bitcoin cash. The site’s founders wanted to make sure that anyone with an internet connection can get paid for their work without a middleman and regardless of where they are from.

“[We started] to create something that is competitive, offers value and fosters BCH adoption — The site, in my opinion, generates incentives both for sellers and buyers to start using bitcoin cash — I like to think of Fivebucks as an adoption engine,” the site’s co-founder states.

They explain that:

“On one hand it incentivizes business owners in first world countries (but not only) to learn how to use bitcoin cash so they can save money and outsource small tasks for cheap. At the same time, it incentivizes freelancers (from poor countries but not only) to learn how to use bitcoin cash because there will always be demand for $5 listings. [We decided to use bitcoin cash] because it is the only major crypto that is reliable as digital peer-to-peer cash.”

For now, the website offers a plethora of interesting services for $5 in BCH. These include services as diverse as getting a cartoon portrait, debugging python script, tarot, vector graphics, even someone who will say whatever you want on video. The site’s creators have also published a video walkthrough on social media called “Advice for Sellers,” which gives users a quick rundown of how to improve their chances of selling on the platform.

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