New App Lets You Send Bitcoin Cash Through Pictures

Why not facilitate your Bitcoin Cash transaction with a selfie?


Pixel Wallet, a newly-minted application now allows users to facilitate Bitcoin Cash transactions by merely using photos, according to the app’s developers. The beta testing began on August 2, and the developers will be implementing an update next week to streamline the app’s services.

Picture Now Worth A Thousand BCH?

Here’s an initial look at Pixel Wallet | Credit: Pixel Wallet

In an interview with Ibinex News, a representative of the Pixel Wallet team discussed how the Pixel Wallet works. Using a process called steganography, the app allows users to put the transaction on a photo, which can be sent through virtually any messaging platform like Viber, Telegram, Discord, Skype, WeChat, Google Hangouts, among others. However, this will only work if the platform or the user doesn’t resize the image.

The app could be used for a plethora of ways. One popular use case is encrypting the transaction in a selfie, which the user can send to the recipient through any of the messaging applications mentioned above. Once the recipient receives the photo, he can download it and import it into his Pixel Wallet app, which will decrypt the photo to obtain the Bitcoin Cash transaction and perform the necessary action.

Also, the team said that the app works perfectly well with other platforms and schemes like transactions performed through email, YouTube advertisements, product rebates, as well as selfie verification for know-your-customer (KYC) rules.

One Picture At A Time

The idea was conceived only this year, with the team working on the app as soon as they could. When asked what prompted them to create the platform, the team said that they received a lot of requests from users prior to it.

Thus, they granted the requests to help streamline the adoption of Bitcoin Cash. Furthermore, the team envisions to let “the world connect one picture at a time with Bitcoin Cash.”

The app is still in its beta phase, and will be having an update from August 20 to 22 to “make it very simple for everyday users to be able to send and receive,” according to the team.

Should you like to try the app, you may click here. Also, you may get in touch with the developers via their Twitter account, as well as by clicking here. In the meantime, check out these other articles on our cryptocurrency news site to find out more about the recent developments in Bitcoin Cash.

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