Blockchain Tech Tries To Convince Spanish Congress of Its Potential

If progress is a hurdle race and blockchain is the coveted gold, then Spain’s Unidos Podemos isn’t letting any obstacles get in its way.


Spanish confederal group Unidos Podemos has asked for the state to study and apply the advantages of Blockchain technology as well as regulating cryptocurrencies, local news agency Europa Press reported on Sunday.

Better Blockchain for Spain

spanish-flag-blockchainThe left-wing political coalition is formed from parties Podemos, United Left, Equo, and others. Unidos Podemos has suggested the Spanish government to form a subcommittee in charge of exploring the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

According to reports, Podemos economic spokesman Albert Montero has registered the request in the lower house, together with a project plan last July.

The proposal submitted by the left-wing alliance proposes:

“…the subcommission would receive members of public administrations, authorities and public officials, sector agents and experts, among others.”

All of this aims to learn how blockchain can reduce cost and to look into its “enormous potential”. Unidos Podemos reckons it’ll make social and economic transactions more secure, prevent attacks and get rid of dependency on intermediaries.

Cryptocurrency Too

Cryptocurrency is also part of Podemos’ agenda. According to Europa Press, the alliance also wants to address the regularization of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin; which they think are currently “located in a gray area of regulation.”

The coalition also suggests to use the outcomes of the European Union (EU) Blockchain Observatory and Forum as a basis for the policy.

Unidos Podemos is not the only one. So far, Spain’s ruling party Partido Popular has also submitted a proposal for using technology in accelerating the the processes in the country’s public administration.

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